Monday, December 19, 2016

                                       Seniors Need To  Know More About Technology

 Many seniors are not adept with using computers. This is a well known fact . They struggle with these because of their age. Some of them have arthritis and this make their hands unstable. They may be typing and they can make lots of mistakes. There is a need to have computers, tablets and cell phones that are quite easy for them to use. For  starters let's talk about Desktop computers Here are the five Desk Top Computers I highly recommend for seniors

  The Dell Inspiron 24. It's a user friendly computer and the price is inexpensive. It only cost
 $600. This computer has very nice features. This computer has  great specifications

1. A 500 gigabyte hard drive.
2. 8 gigabyte RAM
3. Intel I3 processor
4. A big 24 inch screen that makes it easier for seniors to read  and watch anything on it.

 This desktop computer is so easy to set up.  Everything is included when you buy this computer. No separate prices for the mouse and screen. The screen has a setup manual that is included. It makes it easy for any senior to do.

  Another Desktop computer that will be so useful for seniors is the Dell Inspiron i5459 - 7020SLV model 2016. The cost is almost $1000. This is much powerful than the one i mentioned above.. This most appropriate for seniors who use computers to do professional work or who are a bit computer savvy. The specifications are as following.

1. It comes with an i7 intel processor
2. A 12 gigabyte RAM and1 terabyte hard drive. This makes it a very powerful compute. Setting this     desktop is so easy
3. It's screen is 23.8 inches and any senior will have no difficulty in reading and watching videos on        it. It is so clear

   The wireless keyboard, monitor and mouse are all included with the price.

 The ASUS M32CD is a good computer for the elderly. The reason behind this because it is user friendly and very easy to handle. The price is very affordable, because it cost less than $400. I am sure that anyone would like this.It uses windows 10. There are important specifications that this computer possesses.

1. This computer uses an intel i3 processor
2. 8 gigabyte ram
3 1 terabyte hard drive.

 If you are constantly using your computer, this is one that i can recommend for anyone. The monitor, keyboard and mouse does not come with the package. You may have to buy any of these  or if you have any of these materials stored in your homes, then you can use it with this desktop. This great looking computer uses a Windows 10 operating system Other specifications are as follows

\Acer Aspire 2016 - a very friendly computer that seniors may want to have. It will cost you about nearly $700 . This desktop computer uses a windows 10 operating system These are the other specifications and they are as follows:

1. It has 15 intel processor.
2. The desktop has an 8 gigabyte ram.
3. It has a 1 terabyte hard drive.
4.This has a graphic processing unit. This comes in handy if you want to play games.

The monitor, keyboard and mouse are included with the price.

HP ENVY 750 -110

It's a wonderful computer that senior citizens will surely like.This computer packs in a lot of power and cost a little less than $700.  The specifications of this computer are as follows:

1. It has AMD 10 processor
2. An 8 gigabyte ram
3. A 2 terabyte  hard drive

 You must buy your own monitor, key pad and mouse. These are not included with  the package. There are instructions that come with this computer that will show you how to set up the desktop computer.

I hope that this article will inspire seniors to use computers and so that they will be in tune in what is happening around them .

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