Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Technology Is Not Only For The Young But For The Elderly

 Enter Breezie, Every senior citizen would like to have this interface. It is so user friendly and easy to handle. Breezie is in partnership with Samsung.  Get a Samsung galaxy tablet that comes with a Breezie interface.  Why is it so useful for seniors.? It is not complicated and seniors will find it so useful because it's interface was designed to be simple and very easy to navigate around with.
 Breezie was designed to simplify everything for the user. it was designed to simplify everything. You won't be confused when using this tablet. Everything is is in order. You can use such services like skype and email all your friends because every single thing you use will always remain in order. This interface was really made for seniors who have hard time navigating with other tablets. One thing nice about  it is that it can be modified to meet anyone's needs. This means that your apps and settings can be done the way you want it.

 The company was founded by Jeh Kazimi. who got the inspiration from his grandmother. He noticed that she was having a hard time getting around the internet. He decided to design an interface that would meet the needs of seniors like her. In the year 2014, Breezie teamed up Age UK to launch the tablet using the Breezie platform. The Breezie platform together with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.10 tablet will cost 329 euros.   It's a great platform to have because you need not search for apps because all the apps you need are all there. it takes out all the unnecessary features. Everything becomes less complicated. Simplicity at it's best.

Now comes emporiaSmart,  The smart phone designed designed by Emporia Telecommunications that will surely meet the needs of of those who are above 55 years old. The emporiaSmartphones gives has all the advantages that will be useful to the elderly. It will be so easy for the elderly to do email web browsing and other things such as location services. You'll never get loss with this kind of smartphone. The menus are so simple and easy to comprehend. it has a detachable keyboard and touch screen that can be easily handled by the elderly. It also has a stylus utensil that can be used by the user. You can use the keyboard for dialing. The home screen gives the elderly immediate access to voice calls and text messages. It comes with an 8 mega pixel camera that gives you clear pictures. There is a calculator and all you have to do do is swipe to the right side. If you swipe to the left, it will give you a second home screen that will show you your contacts, voice mail  and even an emergency system. You can just dial the 5 numbers that are in a particular order and help will come right your way. This is important especially if you are not feeling well. It has an android 4.42 operating system that has great functions.

Here are several key functions:

1. It makes typing your email  and text messages so easy.
2. This phones has built in apps so that you can connect to your loved ones without much hassle.
3. This phones has Whats App and facebook messenger.
4. It has a 4.5" colour display.
5. It has a 2600 mAh lithium battery.

These are the qualities that makes this smartphone so imposing. All for the price of $275. I am so sure that the elderly will like this phone.

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