Saturday, December 31, 2016

The Upcoming Samsung S3 Tablet

   After the Galaxy 7 failed miserably, I am sure that Samsung would like to rejuvenate it’s  own reputation by coming out with a much improved  product. This will come in the form of a tablet that they will soon release in the 1st or early 2nd quarter of 2017. The company is currently developing the new Samsung S3 tablet and I am almost sure that this is the tablet that they will release .  As we all know Samsung is a South Korean brand

   The Samsung Galaxy S3 tablet will come in both 8 inch and 9.7 inch forms and it will cost as much as $400 or a bit more. Rumors have it that it may have the S7’s Exynos 8890 chipset or the lower end Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 that will be at the helm of this tablet. It will come with a fascinating AMOLED display. The Samsung S3 tablet looks quite similar to the Samsung S2 tablet. Rumors say that it will have 3GB of RAM, a 4,000 mAh battery plus 32 GB of storage facility. It is still an impressive tablet because according to leaked sources it was given a multi – core score of 4, 275 which for me sounds good.

    The Samsung tablets have been known for it’s quality.  The Samsung S2 was a dependable tablet. Until now a lot of people are still using it without much complaints. I do not foresee any problems rising up when the Samsung S 3 is released. For the price this is a wonderful tablet to have. The Samsung S2 was ranked as a 4 star tablet.   The Samsung S3 tablet must be more or less an improved version. I am sure that when this tablet hits the market,  a lot of buyers will be interested and might take the plunge.

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