Sunday, January 1, 2017

Apple iPhone 8 In The Making

   Apple has always been the yardstick for other smartphones to follow. At this point, I would say that there is no other smartphone that has reached the success that Apple has done. The next big thing for Apple is the Apple iPhone 8 . It is said that the iPhone 8 will radically change the future of all smart phones. This particular smartphone will create a stir in the market once it has been released.

    Apple wants to introduce something that is truly distinctive that can be set apart from it’s competition. One thing Apple does is that it continues to improve it’s products without sacrificing it’s quality. There are rumors flying around that the Apple iPhone will have an edge to edge display that will sweep their users out of their feet. Simply said this particular Apple smartphone will be so efficient to use. It will be real wonder because it will have no Bezels. Bezels are the area that surrounds the screen. This is quite new for any smartphone.
   The display of the iPhone 8 will be one of a kind because it will have a Home to Touch Fingerprint Sensor and it’s own selfie shooter. There are rumors that are floating and saying that Apple may do without it’s home button. This could be a big possibility if the camera and Touch ID system is firmly placed in the display screen. Most probably the iPhone 8 will have a single glass sheet.  Apple is considering placing a tiny piece of glass in the body and the base portion of the iPhone 8 will be metallic.

    It has not been confirmed yet whether the size of the iPhone 8 display size will be larger in size or will it be downgraded to go along with the screen that they plan to use. It is a possibility that the iPhone 8 will have a 5.5 inch display screen or it can be just a bit bigger. It is almost sure that Apple will use the latest flexible OLED technology. OLED means Organic Lighting Emitting Diode. Using this technology will make your pictures brighter and their colors will be more sparkling. Apple may use a glass body for this model but this has to be confirmed. If they do, I’m almost sure that it will be unbreakable. Probably Apple might be considering to use aluminum frame or stainless steel to surround the glass.


    Apple iPhone 8 will have a non – removable Li –Ion 3000mAh battery. The camera will be auto focus with optical image stabilization. a 3D – 4k resolution, A face / smile detection, HDR ( Photo/ Panorama ). A  14 MP Primary camera, a 4 MP Front – Facing camera. The iPhone 8 will come in such colors like Silver, Space Grey, Gold, Rose Gold and Jet Black. Other features are the ff: OLED, Eye – Finger print Scanner and Retina Display. Memory will  come in 32, 64, 128 and 256 Gigabytes. It is expected to use the iOS 11 operating system that has been upgraded.  This excellent smartphone will have an A – 11 processor. The iPhone 8 will be dust proof and shock proof. Expected price of the iPhone 8 is $1200.  It is scheduled to be released in the 4th quarter of 2017.


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