Thursday, January 26, 2017

Apple MacBook Air 13 inch ( 2015 )

    Apple does not change things quite often. It only does when it needs to do so. The 2015 MacBook Air has upgraded some of it’s features like it’s Intel Core i5 processor but it still has the same aluminum body design and it still uses a lot of components like it’s forerunners. Probably, it did not change it’s specs because Apple believes that they are the leader and why change when everything seems to be good. The market has really improved a lot. All laptop brands are trying to upgrade every year. I believe that Apple too, has to follow the trend because you can be on top now and later find out that another brand is climbing up the ladder so fast. This is just my view.
   As mentioned above, the body made of aluminum has not changed. Anyway, it’s really beautiful, light ( 1.4 kg. ) and slim ( 17mm ). This is what makes the MacBook Air worthwhile. This particular laptop was planned out to minimize space. It’s tapered off edges on the front side makes the front edges just a little bit thicker. As a result of this the laptop becomes quite stunning when you look at it. The keyboard has not changed from it’s 2014 model. The keys are still the same but still responsive.  Apple has stuck with the same touchpad that is still as sharp as it was last year. Users will surely benefit from it’s connectivity with it’s wireless 802.11 ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4. If you are looking for an Ethernet port, there is none. Besides wired networking, you do have 2 USB 3 ports, 1 3.5mm headset jack, SDXC card reader and a Thunderbolt 2 port.  The thunderbolt 2 is a new addition and it gives the laptop double the amount of bandwidth needed. It ‘s good enough to work 4k video files coming from an external hard disk.

    The MacBook Air 13 inch does punch in some real power. With it’s dual core 1.6 GHz Intel Core 15-5250U processor and 4GB of RAM, the user can still do a lot of work although not as powerful, still it performs decently. The processors in this laptop are quite good less amount of energy and it still can be very productive. With it’s HD 6000 graphics, it can do a bit of light gaming.  In order to do this, you must turn down your settings and resolution. It carries a split view mode makes it easy to put 2 apps side by side. The MacBook Air has a new battery model that can fit in the MacBook 13 inch ( 2015 ). It has a 39.7 watt-hour lithium polymer battery. This battery is good enough. The base model has 128 GB of PCle of sturdy storage and it can be upgraded to 256 GB or even 512 GB. If you do this the cost will jump up.  The price now is about $1000. The display remains the same at 1440 x 900 TFT viewing panel. They should have upgraded this to have better viewing panels. This is my opinion 

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