Monday, January 9, 2017

ASUS Shows Off It’s Zenfone AR

    Asus is starting to look at the future wherein smartphones will not be used only for video chatting, playing and for calling uber. Just the name gives anyone an idea of what it stands for. It is my personal belief that Asus wants this smartphone to be set at a higher level The Zenfone Ar is the first of it’s kind to use two platforms which Google has created. These are the Tango and daydream. It specifically means that this phone has in it’s ability to track motion, perceived depth and the ability to run AR and VR apps. AR means augmented reality and VR meaning virtual reality. This just means one thing, it wants to set a trend by being a state of the art phone.
    The Asus Zenfone is rather light and trim. The frame of the  Zenfopne AR is made from aluminum. The back of the  phone is made to look like artificial leather but actually it’s plastic. It’s quite a change from the smartphones that are available in the market nevertheless it’s a welcome sight to see. Probably, Asus wants to be innovative. The back is also where it’s tricam camera system is located.  Having this camera system is what gives the user the augmented reality experience. The weight of this phone is 170 grams  and it’s width is 9 millimeters. It’s is a sleek looking type of phone.
    Basically, the phone was built quite stunning. What impressed me was that it was able to put all of these things like Tango and Daydream in this phone that is light in weight. The user can enjoy virtual reality much more when you have 5.7 screen display which is big enough. Asus has decided to use the Super AMOLED panel that has a resolution 2560 x 140. This gives out a pixel density of 515 pixels per inch.  This is really great because the display looks fabulous. Because of the combination of the QUAD HD and AMOLED , the display becomes much better. With the Zenfone AR , the quality of colors are excellent. It has viewing angles that are perfect.

   Asus Zenfone AR runs with an Android 7.0 Nougat. It also is in partnership with Qualcomm and that is why it is using better version of the Snapdragon 821 processor so that daydream functions will be more enjoyable. This makes the video content and apps look so good. It carries along with it an improved 821chipset and an 8GB Ram. It’s the first phone that will use an 8 GB Ram and this is so that both the Tango and Daydream will run without any concerns. The Tricam setup has 3 individual sensors. The primary one has a 23mp. It will be used for snapshot photos and recording video. The other 2 cameras are used for motion tracking and depth sensing. It has 3,300 mAh battery . It also has a Quick Charge 3.0 adapter charger. With the Asus BoostMaster Fast charging technology will deliver a 60 percent capacity after 39 minutes of charging. I still have to see that to believe it. Asus has said that it’s Zenfon AR will be released in the 2nd quarter of 2017. No cost has been announced but it can be highly priced.

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