Sunday, January 29, 2017

Dell Precision 5510

   Dell has always come up with computers that have good functions and there is nothing different with the Precision 5510. This is a classy laptop that can produce favorable results. The price of this laptop starts at $1400 for the basic model. You can upgrade this laptop but it will cost more. The basic Precision 5510 model has the following specifications: an Intel Core i5- 6300HQ processor 8 GB of RAM, NVidia Quadro M1000 M graphics, a FHD matte display and a 500 GB HDD. The one with my own opinion and review is that of a higher model and  some of the configurations are different. This is why it cost about $2600. The specs are the following: Intel Xeon CPU E3-1505M v5 with 2.8 GHz. The operating system is Windows 10 Pro. The 8GB Ram can be upgraded to 16 GB RAM. It has a 512 SSD storage. The Display size is 15.6 inches and the resolution is 3840  x 2160. It uses an Nvidia Quadro M1000M graphics card. It has a 2 GB video memory, a WI-FI 802.11ac and Bluetooth 4.1. The touchpad size is 4.1 x 3.1 inches. There are several ports: a HDMI, security lock slot, USB Headphone that can be used for a microphone jack, 2 USB ports. There are card slots for a SD or SD card reader. The size of this laptop is is 14.06 x 9.27 x 0.66 inches and the weight is 4.6 pounds.
    The design of the Dell Precision 5510 looks similar to the XPS 15. This is so because the lid and bottom are constructed with the same dark – silver aluminum. Everyone who looks at this computer can notice that there is a carbon - fiber flat surface which is so convenient and comfy. If you look at this computer closely, you’ll find a very thin bezel that works well. This laptop gets thinner on the front and this is what makes it light and smooth. This laptop is a bit smaller when compared to some of it’s competitors. The  Precision 5510’s keyboard lacks depth but because of it’s comfy touchpad surface, typing becomes a bit easier. Scrolling is not a problem with this laptop. The Display looks great and this is because of several factors like the hard to spot bezel and it’s capability of producing fine detailed images makes this laptop so desirable. Other factors that can also be considered are it’s glowing backlight and an array of color gamuts.

    The Dell Precision 5510 has dual speakers that are powerful. The audio is quite clear. With the aforementioned specifications gives the user a very good performance. You can run simultaneous videos and it will not affect the performance of this laptop. This laptop has the best ports available and in their right places. On the left side you can find a thunderbolt 3 port an d a dual headphone and microphone port. on the right side there is an SD card slot, a USB 3.0 port, power indicator and security slot. I personally do not like where the webcam is located. It should be placed above the screen and at the center most point instead at the bottom’s left hand corner.This is in an inappropriate position. It ruins the view if you are talking to somebody on skype. Ouch, you might have to slouch when somebody is viewing you and talking to you at the same time.  The graphics of this laptop will work well with 3D applications. This laptop does not overheat. With that said, you have to make your choice. As for me even the basic Dell Precision 5510 is good enough especially if you are going to use it primarily for business purposes.

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