Thursday, January 12, 2017

HP Spectre x 360

    The HP Spectre x  360 is a sturdy, stylish  and a light laptop. It has very good specs. The later 2016 has Microsoft Windows Home 10  ( 64 bit ) 2.7 GHz Intel Core i7  - 7500U 16GB DDR3 SD RAM 1.8 66MHz 128MB Intel Graphics 620 512 GB SSD. The early 2016 model comes with  a Windows 10  ( 64 bit ) 2.3 GHz Core i5 8 GB DDR3 SD RAM 1.600MHz 128MB Intel HD Graphics 520 256GB SSD. The starting price for this laptop is $1050.
     This convertible laptop has been slightly revised version is quite good in anyhow you look at it. The thinness of this convertible laptop makes it easy to carry around It’s rather durable because it’s frame  is quite sturdy and this is a plus factor  for a $1000 plus laptop.  The newer version’s thickness is 13.8 mm and the great thing about is that it will not bend. The hinges of this laptop are unrwrinkled, very even   and this keeps The Laptop screen in place. Other models had rough edges while this one has finely curve and so your wrists can rest quite well.

    The HP Spectre x 360has a backlit keyboard that is a bit thinner than the model that came before this. No matter what, it is still that anyone can use easily. No strain because it’s so cozy to use. Navigating through the keyboard is quite easy. It’s easy because the Home, Page Up, Page down and End keys are all located on the right side. This is just perfect especially if you want to go to your documents. Using the touchpad is trouble – free because it has a broad panel of fine glass. This is a lot better than other laptops that uses Windows. The battery life is quite normal at 6 hours. It’s better than other laptops that have lesser battery life. The Spectre 360 carries the Bang & Olsen speakers which are rather loud and clear. It makes listening to youtube videos really clear. Charging is quite easy because it has 3 USB C/thunderbolt ports on the right side. Just use USB/C chasrgers that have the same specifications for your laptop. You can log in to your computer by just staring at the screen.

     Of course, there are some liabilities like: a noisy fan, The screen resolution is only 1920 x 1080, it’s lower from the previous model. Although the screen resolution is low, it has broad viewing angles. This laptop weighs 2.85, quite light for a convertible laptop. It uses the new 7th generation Kaby Lake processors that makes the speed faster.. For the price this a good laptop to have.

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