Thursday, January 5, 2017

Huawei Matebook

   The Huawei Matebook was released in the middle of 201.6. It’s what we call a hybrid because it can become a laptop and a nd a tablet. I really don’t know wh99.ther Huawei put this out to challenge the Microsoft Surface Pro and the Surfacebook. Well what’s nice about the MateBook is that the keyboard can be detached from the screen. When this is done it becomes a tablet. Put back the keyboard and it becomes a laptop. This is a 2 – in – 1 Matebook  with a Windows 10 operating system.
   The MateBook Portfolio Key board cost -  $129. It has a Huawei Matedock has all the ports that are needed that can connect to a monitor, Ethernet network and USB aceseories and it will cost $89 dollars. Ithas a Huawei MatePen which costs $59.. This is the RAM storage pricing which comes in several variants.: The 6th core TM m3 4GB 128 costs, $6th core m3 4 GB256 4 GB costs $849,6th core TM  m5 8 GB 256 costs $999, 6th core m5 8 GB 512 costs $1,199, 6th core TM 8 GB m7 256 costs $ 1,399 and 6th core TM 8 GB 512 $ 1,599

   The body of the MateBook features an aluminum body and it has a 12 inch display screen and an 84 percent screen to body ratio. The design looks fabulous. This laptop/tablet is really light bat 6.9 mm and weighs 64 grams.. Of course if you include the keyboard the dimensions will change. Anyone can get this MateBook with colors coming in moonshine grey and black or white and gold.

   The keyboard is firmly set in the right place because of the pogo pin connector. As I’ve mentioned the keyboard can be removed so that the user will have a normal windows 10 encounter. The keyboard has a backlit that contains four levels of brightness n. It has a prominent click trackpad. One concern of the Huawei MateBook is that it has just a single viewing angle

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