Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Huawei P10

   Huawei is not known in the U.S.A. but it is ranked as one of the top 3 smartphone manufacturer in the world. They are making huge strides in improving their smartphones  and who knows 2017 might be the year of great opportunities for them. They would like prospective buyers to highly consider their products Their recent smartphone products have delivered good quality contents and fabulous specifications than most of their competitors. Buyers might take a second look at them in 2017

   Rumors roaming around say that the Huawei P10 might be the best smartphone that they will come up with. This is a great possibility. Though I cannot confirm totally what the smart phone will be. Their P 10 smartphone is scheduled to be launched in April of 2017. We still have to hear from them on the exact date that it will come out. There have been several specifications that have been leaked out. The rumors have it that the Huawei P 10 smartphone will have a similar design then that of the P 9. It is said that this smartphone will also have a finger print sensor that could be moved from the rear to the front. It is expected to have dual cameras all over again.


   The leaked reports shows that the Huawei P 10 will have a flat solid metal unibody design just like it’s predecessor the P9. The dual cameras will be probably set up on the rear just like the P9. It looks like the sensors of the camera and flash will be placed near the antenna band. There has been no mention on what type of camera will be used but most likely it will be Leica all over again. It will also p also have a separate image render. The render has a physical button on the front together with a circular fingerprint sensor on the rear of it’s curved body. There may be 2 variations of this camera that will come out. It will probably come out as an Android 7.0 with a Kirin 960 chipset and a 256GB storage. We will know soon whatever specs this smart phone will carry. The price range may be anywhere between  $470 - $500.


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