Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Lenovo Z70 ( 80FGOODBUS )

   If anyone wants to have a bigger display laptop then the Lenovo Z70 is the laptop for you. It can be a desktop replacement at the same time. It does give the user the same usage that is expected from a Windows PC. The laptop is not stylish. I would say it is just ordinary. It comes with a full 17. 3 inch HD screen. The keyboard is nice to use because it  is pleasant and easy to use. This is not a gaming laptop, I do not advise to buy this laptop that has a huge screen. This is a fifth generation laptop computer This works good on office and mulltimedia files. You can never call this an ultraportable laptop because it weighs 6.6 pounds. It comes with an accutype keypad and a number pad on the side. The keyboard measures 11. 14 x 0.99 x 16.46 inches. The keyboard is not back lit unlike it’s predecessor.

    The Lenovo Z70 has an Intel Core 17- 5500U GHz processor, 16 GB DDR3L SD RAM, NViDIA GeForce, GT480M 2 GB, 1 TB 54000rpm hard drive, 8 GB Solid State Drive DVDRW.  This is avail able with Intel Core i5 series. One thing that is not pleasing is it’s battery. It can last for only 4 hours with it’s integrated 4 cell battery. The cover of this laptop is ebony black. Having a tactile feel make it look classy if compared to it’s competitors. By having a 1TB 5400 rpm with 8GB of strong storage, it boots quite fast and it performs quite well. It’s preinstalled with Windows 8.1 or10 Operating System.
    It’s quite unbelievable, why they did not add a touch system to this computer. In the center beneath the spacebar is a big clickpad that offers Windows 8 gesture support. This is not good for gaming purposes. This is actually a laptop that can replace any desktop you have. It is not overwhelming in any sense but it will be a useful support for most of works. No matter what others say this is still a good laptop to have. It is especially nice when you are watching movies and youtube videos.. Nothing fancy about it but it still does the job. It costs about $880 but by now it could be cheaper

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