Saturday, January 7, 2017

Microsoft Surface Book

    Microsoft has come up with It’s new Surface Book and is ready to challenge The Big Boys of the Industry.  Microsoft is saying it is the most extreme laptop to come out. They even claim that it is so powerful. Of course This is for everyone to see and believe whether it is true or not. The new Surface Book is said to be ahead of it’s time.  Microsoft says that it packs a lot of power that gives out a firm and dynamic graphics.  Microsoft says that the battery can last for 16 hour. If this is true then it can give it’s competition a run for it’s money.
     They say that their most powerful Surface Book comes with an Intel Core TM i7 processor and a GeForce GTX 965M 2GB that gives a much faster speed and a better graphics performance.  Microsoft says that these factors suits it’s well designed laptop. Everything today is all about speed and performance. I believe everyone in the industry wants to be the fastest and have great looking graphics. There is a race between all computer companies to be the best and Microsoft has joined the fray.

  Microsoft built the Surface Book for maximum performance so that users will have faster access to programs, music and videos. The company says that it also delivers opulent images and this is so useful for gaming power I personally would not use it for gaming and that’s just me. The 13.5 inch is detachable. The graphic card according to Microsoft is discrete but can be used for extreme tasks.. Microsoft is surely working hard so that they could be at par with the other known brands. The Microsoft Surface Book has a 256 GB SSD 8 GB RAM that will cost $2,400 and if you upgrade to a 1TB, 16GB RAM, it will cost $3,300.


   Microsoft has built this laptop using a lightweight magnesium chassis and it uses a fulcrum hinge to give it a nicely well balanced look. It also has a surface pen that anyone can use for sketching and other purpose. You will surely be pleased when you use the touch pad. It’s huge and wide. It has a smooth glass touch surface that can read gestures and movements. The keyboard is less interesting. The keys  have  unusual round edges. When you get used to it, the stiffness seems to disappear. The Surface Book laptop has an Intel Core 15 processor version with an 8 GB memory which Microsoft says is also powerful. It has 128 GB storage. The battery has up to12 battery hours of life.. This I have to see because I am not sure if the battery can last that long. There is an optional NVDIA GeForce of d GPU that the buyer can avail. The price for the i5 version is $1500.

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