Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Lenovo Yoga 900 Hybrid.

     The Lenovo 900 is a fascinating computer. You will not think that it is a hybrid computer but it is. The Lenovo Yoga 900 is a well polished laptop that can be turned into a tablet. Lenovo has always been a trend setter and I believe it was one of the first brands to come up with a hybrid laptop. It has a great looking design that fits well with it’s nice lookin g HD + 13 inch screen. It’s novelty looking hinge holds everything in place. This allows the laptop to switch to different styles.If you compare the battery charge to other laptop hybrids, it may have, a bit lesser battery life but for the starting price of $1100, it’s a steal.
    The Lenovo 900 yoga is made of magnesium panels which looks great on the top and bottom of the laptop. It has an artificial leather plastic on it t’s deck and where the palm rest is. Unlike the previous model the Lenovo 900 yoga hinge consists of 813 individual pieces. This way the screen is always secured no matter how anyone deals with it. It is much stronger than the past model. The CPU comes with a 2.5 GHz Intel Core 17 65000U. The operating system is Windows 10. It has a 16 GB RAM . The size of the hard drive has 2 sizes the 256 GB and 512 GB. IF you take a look at hinges that surrounds this Laptop hybrid , it has cooling vents that prevents the Lenovo 900  yoga from reaching high temperatures.  This Laptop comes in three colors champagne gold, clementine orange and platinum silver.
    Included with the Lenovo 900 yoga is an auto hinge lock. Using this technology makes the laptop easier to open. It can be opened with one hand only. There are several buttons that the Lenovo 900 yoga has. Underneath the display is a stout looking bezel. The other buttons are located on the right side of the laptop hybrid. You will see a power button that is used to turn on your laptop hybrid.  There is a smaller button that is used for the OneKey Recovery software. There is also a button that allows the user to change settings. This is also called the toggle button. Weighing just 2.8 pounds with dimensions of 12.75 x 8.86 x0.59 inches, the Lenovo 900 yoga is much lighter and smaller than 13 inch hybrids that are in the market.

    The  Lenovo 900 yoga has scalloped shaped keys on it’s keypad. It has two kinds of backlighting. It also has lean function keys above the row of numbers. These buttons are used to control the audio and bright settings of the laptop hybrid. It does x 2.5 inches a touchpad that measures 3.5 x 2,5 inches. It has a pixel density of  display of 3200 x 1800 13.3 inch display screen. The Lenovo 900 yoga is very sharp and this is good for pictures and movies. The Yoga 900 stereo uses JBL speakers and it features a Dolby 10.0 home theater certification. Since this is a very portable Laptop hybrid it has a couple of USB Type – C ports that techies will love. One is a reversible USB port and the three others ( 2 USB ports  3.0 and a combo USB 2.) /DC – in ) that can be used to connect to more peripherals. On the left side you will find a full sized SD card reader and a combo mic/ headphone on the right. You can chat using the video because it has a 1 mega pixel 720 p camera.  Overall this hybrid laptop can be used at home . It Is very good for business users because it’s specs will meet the purpose.

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