Thursday, January 12, 2017

The New Samsung Galaxy S8 Smartphone Soon To Be Released

   According to Samsung the new Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone will be larger will be the most ideal Galaxy S smartphone . There will be technology changes that will come with this smartphone. The S series has been one of the most admired smartphones an d that is why they would want to improve it. Samsung says that it will give out higher level quality. This means it will be sturdy, have great visual appeal and intensified functionality.
     The Samsung Galaxy S8 will come out in the 2nd quarter of 20117. Rumors have it that this smartphone will have a faster processor, a more sturdier glass surrounding it and the features will be superior in quality. It will have a heightened android pay interface. Just imagine having foldable dual screens. There are rumors that it will also have a 4k display. They say it will bring in more effectivity with regards to functionality between phone and auto. Rumors are circulating around that the Samsung Galaxy 8 will be the first smartphone in the world that will support 5G connectivity. We know that the United States  and South Korea are thinking of having 5G connectivity. If this is true then, The Samsung Galaxy S* will be the right phone for people in these countries. Still this is a rumor and Samsung has to announce it.
     Although nothing has been confirmed regarding on the specs of this smartphone, rumor leaks  say that it will have 30 megapixels in it’s rear camera, dual micro SD card slots, intensified body sensors . The Galaxy S8 will use a 420 mAh battery. It camera features optical image stabilization, geo tagging, facial recognition and HDR auto laser focus. The front camera will have 9.0 Megapixels and the rear camera will possess 30 megapixels. The Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone will come in colors of black, blue, gold and white. It has several features like the Corning Gorilla Glass 5, 4 G LTE , bluetooth, fingerprint scanner, retina eye scanner, wireless charging, rapid charging and mini projector. The memory is 64 and 128 GB. It is expandable with expandable dual micro SD cards.. It will use the current Android operating system  for 2017. The price will be about $850. The processor that will be used is the Snapdragon octa core 3.2 GHz processor. It carries 6GB of Ram. The most probable release date will be on April 2017 but it can come out anytime in the 2nd quarter. The screen display is a 5.2 4k display with a 4096 x 2160 screen resolution
 The Corning glass will make the screen stronger . There might be a new premium glass outer body that will encase both the front and the back of this smartphone. The speed of the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be at par with all the smartphones coming out this 2017. It might even be a bit faster.  With all of this leaked out specification, this can be the smartphone that will meet the needs of everyone.  Technology is moving so fast and that’s why Samsung is trying to be at the helm of it.

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