Monday, March 27, 2017

Fujitsu Lifebook E736

   The Fujitsu Lifebook E736 is a business laptop that commands a high price. This is good for those who are in business and who would not mind spending money. For a laptop of this size, it has a lot of capacity in it. According to Fujitsu, this laptop delivers very good functionality and a great looking design. The manufacturer is just trying to tell the buyers that they built this laptop without compromises. It is not as slim like it’s competitors but it has a complete assembly of connectors and elements inside this laptop worth considering. The Fujitsu Lifebook E736 can also be called an Ultrabook. It manages to put in 32GB of RAM despite this being a 13.3 inch laptop. The Top of the line model is the one featured in this article. Here are the main specifications: ( 1 ) Intel Core i7-6600U processor ( 4MB cache, .6GHz standard frequency that can reach as much as 3.4.GHz ). ( 2 )  Intel HD Graphics 530 ( 300 MHz standard frequency  and it can reach a limit of 1.05GHz frequency  (  3  ) 32GB DDR4-2133 RAM. ( 4 )  13.3 inch full HD IGZO ( Indium gallium Zinc Oxide ) Display Screen.  (  4  ) 256GB OPAL FDE SATA 3 SSD with complete disk encryption.  ( 5 ) 2 x audio ports ( microphone/headphone ), 2 x digital microphones, 3 x USB 3.0 ports, VGA port, full size Display Port, Ethernet port, Docking connector for Port Replicator, Smartcard slot, SD card slot, SIM card slot ( for models with 3G/4G ).  ( 6 ) 4G LTE modem, 802.11ac WI-FI, Bluetooth 4.0  ( 7 ) Fingerprint sensor, TPM 2.0 module, Kensington Lock support. ( 8 ) Weight is 3.5 pounds. ( 9 ) Size is 321 x 228 x 20mm. There is a port replicator and 2 batteries that adds up to 100 Whr ( 9.3Ah  with 12 cells ). This particular model will cost $1,920. Check out for discounts because this has been in the market for quite a time. You can also choose another model that comes with an Intel Core-17-6500U processor. Let go of the extra battery, 24GB of memory and port replicator. The SSD drive will be doubled. Doing this will lower the price level to $1,330.
   The Fujitsu Lifebook E736 has a full HD Resolution ( 1920 x 1080 pixels ) and has a contrast ratio of 1000:1.  It’s brightness level is 330 cd/m2. This laptop comes with a matte ( dull  ) finish. The colors are vivid and not overdone. Fujitsu must have realized the high cost of this laptop and this could be the reason why it came out with a high-quality design. It must have wanted to catch the attention of it’s prospective buyers. This laptop features gunmetal lid which has it’s famous S logo and a red border that goes from one side to the other. It has a metal palm rest and it is well polished. Unlike other laptops, the display on the Fujitsu Lifebook E736 can be made to lay back. I find this of no use at all. There are two hinges that are attached to the base. The keys on the keyboard have a soft touch and it has a more than average travel. It has a large touchpad and two physical buttons.. You can find a fingerprint reader on the palm rest. There are also two small speakers that don’t have much depth, five status lights, the power, WI-FI on and off plus Eco mode buttons. These amenities are all located on top of the first row of keys.

   This laptop has a lot of power packed into it. This is what makes the Fujitsu Lifebook E736  a standout. The Fujitsu Lifebook E736 performed extremely well in this array of benchmark tests: ( 1 ) 3D Mark: Skydiver-3,979 points, Fire Strike-956 points, Cloud Gate-5,883 points, Ice Storm-57,959 points, Ice Storm Extreme-42,279 points. ( 2 ) PCMark 8 Home-2,931 points ( 3 ) PCMark 8 Creative-2,810 points. ( 4 ) PCMark 8 Work- 3,247 points. ( 5 ) CineBench: OpenGL- 45.46fps: CPU-341 points. Geekbench: Single Core-3,710 points, Multi core-7,503 points. With full usage of the laptop, the battery can last for twelve hours. This laptop comes with a price but considering everything, this is a real good laptop.

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