Tuesday, April 18, 2017

What Is Malware and How You Can Keep Your Computer Protected

   Malware is a common name and it means malicious software. It does stop your computer from functioning normally. Malware is a broad term for unwelcome or invasive software such as adware, spyware, virus, worm, trojan, rootkit, backdoors, keyloggers, rogue security software, browser hijacker, and ransomware  plus many other more. I only mentioned eleven but there are more than these. 
1. Adware – Amongst all malware, this will cause minimal harm to your computer and this delivers to your computers unwanted advertisements. It can be rather annoying that your computer has pop-up ads. This happens when you are offered free versions of software.
2. Spyware - This is a kind of software that can look into the activities of the user. This can be used to track down what the user is doing. It can look in to your account information and other kinds of data.
3. Trojan – This is a contaminable form of malware. It is a master of disguises. I say this because, it can come in the form of a normal file or program. It will deceive the user to download the program without the user knowing that this is a malware. It can look in to your financial information and it can take-over your computer’s system’s resources. It does a lot of damage when it makes the user’s computer resources unavailable. Just imagine if this malware attacks computers that are all linked up together. This is a very harmful malware especially if you have a business organization.
4. Worm – It is a program that copies itself and eliminates data and files on the user’s computer. It can create havoc by gobbling up your files and programs until it is completely gone.
5. Rootkit – This is a malware that is so difficult to discover.  It Is hiding some place in the computer’s system. It gathers identity information from the user’s computer. While this is going on, the user does not know what is happening. Any Information can be stolen. Remember this malware is always hiding. Once this has been placed in the computer, the computer becomes susceptible to any malware that can infiltrate the computer’s system. The person who did this can take control of your computer or computers.  Just imagine if your computer is linked up to several computers. This can have an effect if you belong to a business organization and your computers are all linked up together. If you ask an expert  for advice, he may advice you to erase your whole hard drive and start from scratch.
6. Virus – This kind of malware is a contaminated program or code that affixes itself to a software and then it reproduces whenever the software is being used. Your computer can get contaminated when this software or files has been shared with you.
7. Backdoors -  it’s almost the same thing as trojans and worms. The difference is that it opens a backdoor onto a computer. This allows a network connection for malware and even hackers to get passage in to a computer. It leaves an open gateway for virus or spam to be sent to the computer.
8. Keylologgers – This type of malware records any typed document in your computer.  It can obtain or extract any typed in document on your PC, or laptops. This includes passwords, log- in names and other important information. This is sent back to the source of whoever made the keylogging program.
9. Rogue Security Software – This is a deceitful malware, because it gives you wrong information.  It seems to be reliable because it pretends to remove malware infection. What it actually does is turn off your anti-virus software.  It’s also a malware and leaves your computer defenseless.
10. Ransomware – If this pops up on your screen “ You have been locked out of your computer until you pay for your cybercrimes.”  This is what you call ransomware. It is a malware. This is not true at all. Your system has just been infected with this kind of malware. Even the demand that you pay this amount of cash is untrue.
11. Browser Hijacker – Beware when your homepage on your browser changes without you changing it. You might have been infected with this kind of malware. This harmful malware will alter your regular search activity. This means that the developer of this malware wants you to see what he wants. This is a way for him to earn money. Don’t continue doing this because the developer wants you to make money for him when you surf. It will open your computer to more infections.
   It is a must for all computers to install legitimate anti–malware and firewall software. Some well known anti-virus brands carry anti-malware protection. You just have to check them out. Anti-Malware software should be able to protect your computer from common malware such as worms, spyware, adware, viruses,and trojans.  It’s better to have both anti-malware software and firewall. By doing this all of your data present and incoming will be scanned and if any malware s detected, it will say so. You can remove the malware at once. Keep your system updated. Do not download from any site that you are unfamiliar with.  Even if you are a Mac user, my suggestion is to get an anti- malware or anti-virus. It is just more difficult to hack into a Mac.  It has Gatekeeper which is a malware checker but there has been some instances wherein malware gets in to your Mac without you knowing it.  It’s like having five fire doors. Two to three fire doors can breakdown, but the fourth fire door won’t.. It’s there but it just will not hit the heart and brain of your Mac. For your peace of mind, it’s better to be protected. You can search the web regarding malware security for Mac Computers. Some of these products like BitDefender, Intego MacDefender, Kapersky, and Malwarebytes can offer protection for your Mac Computer. There are other products out there that can give Mac users the protection they need. With that said, it’s better to be protected than unprotected.

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