Thursday, April 20, 2017

What Kind Of Components Are Needed For A Business Computer

   Before buying a Business Computer, the buyer must have a basic knowledge of what is needed.  Business Computers are more personalized than basic computers that are found in homes. Whether you are buying a Desktop or Laptop, you need the right features for a Business Computer.  You will have to consider what kind of motherboard, Central Processing Unit, Memory ( RAM ) and other specifications for your hardware and software. Being more personalized makes it more costly than basic computers.   Price really does matter when you are acquiring a Desktop and laptop altogether. You may need your desktop for your office and your Business laptop when you are constantly on the move.
   Business computers are used for editing, showing videos for presentation and creating videos, viewing top of the line graphics. In other words business laptops and desktops are used for almost everything and this is why you need software applications like: Accounting, Back-up and Recovery, Blogging Tool, Calendar, Collaboration, Microsoft Office Suite, Customer Relationship Management, FileMaker Pro, E-Commerce Service, E-Mail Marketing, Instant Messaging, Invoicing, Mobile Access, Project Management, RemoteAccess/Syncing, Security Suite, Social Networking, Task Manager, VoIP and Virtual Private Network. These are some of the best Business Software tools that will fit in to a Business Computer.

   Business Computers also need multi-core processors. The reason for this is because it allows users to run several applications simultaneously.  Dual-core processors allow the user to do two different tasks at the same time. This gives the user a good experience.  A Quad-core allows the user to do four tasks at the same time. With a Quad-core Processor, the user can do heavy loaded graphics and intensive database tasks. Business people can do lot more heavy work using a Quad-core processor. For Memory purposes, it is better to have 500GB t0 1TB of Hard Drive space. This will be appropriate for a Business Computer. A hard drive that spins at a rate of 7200rpm or more will give the user a faster performing Computer.  If  the prospective user intends to buy a business laptop , it is better to acquire a laptop that comes with a Solid State Drive ( SSD ).  For Business laptops, I think an Optical drive is still applicable and it is better to have a DVD writer. You can install proprietary software to your computer. Sometimes the user may need to send files that have been kept on DVD disks to his/her clients.  Video cards are very essential for Business Computers and an integrated video card on Business Computers will work just fine. For networking purposes a 802.11n WI-FI card will do. This write-up is just a guide for people who want to buy a business computer and not a recommendation.

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