Wednesday, May 10, 2017

How To Keep Your Laptop In Shape And Safe

   You need to take good care of your laptop because all of your important documents are stored in this machine. If you do so then your laptop can last for a long time.  Give this machine your attention and treat this like your own precious possession. If you can take care of your car, why not take care of your laptop. You need to check on your laptop, since you use it frequently. A damaged laptop is of no use to anyone. The performance of your laptop may suffer, if you do not keep it in shape.
    Here Are Some Ways To Keep Your Laptop In Shape:

1. Clean The Screen of Your Laptop  -   Use a microfiber cloth to clean your screen. Dust can stick to your screen. You can buy a certain type of liquid that is designed to clean laptop screens. Do not use any kind of cleaner because this can ruin your screen.  As for me, the microfiber cloth is the best way to clean your screen because it does not produce lint.  Just wipe your screen gently and this type of cloth will remove the dust.   Do not use alcohol because this can permanently damage your screen.

2. Drain Your Battery  -  Do not keep on using your laptop when your battery is fully charged and your charging adapter is plugged to an electrical outlet.  Doing this will ruin your lithium-ion battery in the long run. Drain your battery to at least 20% and then recharge it. You can use it by removing your battery and using the electrical outlet to power your laptop.

3. Clean Your Keyboard  -  Before doing this power off your laptop. Use a melanine sponge and soak it in water. Let it dry. This way there won’t be any speck of water left in it. Gently rub the corner of the sponge on the dusty and dirty pats of the keyboard. Do not rub so hard because the letters on the key characters may be removed. You can use other kinds of sponge but it will not be as effective a s the melanine sponge.

4. Do Not Eat Or Drink Near Your Laptop -  You have to keep your laptop out of danger.  Spilling any type of liquid like water on your laptop can ruin your motherboard. Laptop motherboards are very expensive. It is better to be aware of this, then feel sorry afterwards.

5. Keep Your Laptop On A Flat and Clean Surface – This way your laptop will not fall and  get damaged.  A clean surface is better because your laptop will not accumulate dust. Do not use your laptop while you are in bed because it can accumulate dust.

6. Have The Right Bag For Your Laptop – Since a laptop is a portable machine, you will have to carry it using a shoulder bag or a backpack. It must have padded portions that are made especially for laptops.

7. Clean Your Laptop Fan – You can do this by acquiring a camera lens air duster. Make sure that your laptop is powered off before you start.  After that, you can insert the nozzle of the air duster into the vents. Make sure you get as close as you can and then start blowing the dust. The fan blades should stop turning and this can be done by inserting a long plastic object to stop it from doing so. You can also open the laptop. If you are not accustomed to this step, bring it to a certified computer technician and let him do it. You will have to pay a certain fee.  If your laptop starts to hum, it might mean that you have to replace your fan.

8. Never Leave Your Laptop Inside Your Car - There are prowling thieves out there. If they see a laptop in your car, they can cut out the window glass of your car and get hold of your laptop.  This is a valuable item.  Do not tempt the thieves.

   These are just some tips that any laptop owner must know.

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