Monday, May 8, 2017

How To Stop Your Laptop From Crashing

    It is important for any user to keep their laptop from crashing. You have to understand that you have important files in your laptop and you must keep them safe. There are many ways to fix the problem . If your laptop crashes, you can try troubleshooting before bringing it to a store that will fix it. Usually the store will tell you just to t buy a new hard drive and increase your hard disk Drive space . What happens to all your data?  It’s all lost.

    Here are some tips to help you from preventing your laptops from crashing:

1. Get a free registry cleaner. Install it and run the scan and tests. It will cleanup all the mess in your laptop. It will remove all the unwanted files, temporary files, temporary internet files.  Make sure that all the files that has been detected  is taken out .Tthis will speed up your laptop. Keep on running the registry cleaner until all the problems have been fixed

2. Get a free version of Malwarebytes  Anti Malware.  Allow this software to update . When all the updates have been installed , perform a Quick Scan. Remove all the malicious software from your laptop.  Restart yourlaptopr and check if your laptop does continue to crash.

3. Overheating - can cause your computer to crash. You can update your BIOS or clean you air vents and put in filtered material over the inhalation vents. Overheating can be a regular problem because your laptop has many elements that are in a small area. Dust can build up and block your air vents. You need to clean your air vents regularly. Fans can help your laptop from heating up.

4. Slow Hard Drive - You may experience slow file transfers. The remedy for this is to do disk defragmentation. When your information are not organized, this can slow down your performance. There may be a lot of bad sectors on your hard drive. Defragging can take a lot of time but it is a must if you want to keep your computer safe. Disk Defragmentation can be accessed through your accessories or system tools.
5 Your Battery Quickly Discharges.: You have no choice but to change your battery. After a few years lithium ion batteries  can lose their power.

6. More Memory Needed  - This happens when your laptop becomes slow when you use several applications. The only way to love this is to upgrade your RAM. Booting up becomes slow and you need to add more RAM. There may be some programs that you rarely need and you can just simply delete them.

7. Hard Drive Failure - You can feel a loud click when the laptop retrieves data from yourHhard Drive. You can do online back-up. I usually back-up my files by using an external hard drive. There are plenty of software solutions that you can use and there are a lot of them out there in the market like Norton Save and Restore. You can get it at the price $50. You can back-up your data online and there are many sites that you can use. Dropbox is also good for backing up your important files
7. System Crush  - Your laptop won’t boot up. The only way to solve this is to remove your hard drive and put it on an external enclosure. Afterwards you can run checklist. Problems can arise because of a missing system file or a bad sector in your hard drive. If that is the case, take out your hard drive from your laptop ( Use your instruction manual that comes with your laptop ). Now, place the hard drive in a USB enclosure. These are externa l housings for internal hardware. Afterwards connect the USB cable to a USB cable port.  If the file system remains unchanged, the hard drive will appear as an external hard drive . Now, you can transfer data from the drive. Run checkdisk by opening a DOS prompt ( Start>Programs>Accessories>Command Prompt ) then type in  X. X is the letter of your external drive Press Enter and type”chkdsk/f.” Your system will then ask you to remove the drive; this is right. Type Y and then  press Enter. The laptop will display bit of your information about your drive ( file system type and serial no. ). Now you can scan the drive and fix any errors it meets. You will just be fine once you put back the hard drive to your laptop. Turn it on.

8.  MalWare – This could be a virus or spyware. Install antimalware or free antivirus. Malware can damage your laptop. This happens when there are so many pop-ups that will definitely slow down the sped of your laptop. Dow load a very good security software. You may have to pay for this. You can download free tools like Ad-Aware and Spybot, Search and Destroy. Do regular scanning using these tools.

This write-up just serves as a guide and I am not recommending any product.

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