Sunday, May 14, 2017

What Is Backdoor. Mac.Eleanor Malware

   This Malware was discovered by Bitdefender in May 2016 and they named it Backdoor. Mac. Eleanor.  This was the second malware to attack APPLE Computers . The first malware to do this was KeRange. This malware can come in to your computer when you open the app called EasyDoc Converter. This is a drag and drop converter. EasyDoc converter will install a wide range of malware in your laptop or destop computer. This fake file converter app once installed will download a malicious script. After it is installed, it will pick up a lot of tools that can take hold of Face Time camera. It will download files and execute  commands and it will send emails that have attached files. Face Time camera  can be accessed because this dubious app has a tool known as “ wacaw .” This is an open camera tool.

   If you do not have a tool known as little Snitch, this malware will creep in by installing three launch agents in the user folder and it will have a folder that is hidden. All of these folders contain executable files. They seem to be legitimate Dropbox  elements but they are not. The legitimate Dropbox is located in your user user folder. This fake dropbox is located in your  user's library folder. This three launch agents will trigger the Tor hidden service, a web service and a Patebin service. What the Tor service will do is set up an address. This way the hacker can send commands to the computer that has been infected. Patebin is used to upload the infected Mac. Tor address  to Patebin where the hacker can find it. Patebin is a popular website for storing and sharing text. It’s usually used to distribute legitimate data. Hackers use it to deposit stolen information,

    This is really dubious and bad malware. Apple has removed EasyDoc converter from it’s update. It is still out there in the internet . Do not download this type of software from the internet. Do not download apps that have not been updated. Always be aware of what you are downloading. It maybe 2017 now but this malware might still be on the internet. It is best to be protected. Get an Anti-Malware that is suitable for Macs and always keep your Gatekeeper enabled.

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