Friday, May 5, 2017

What Is KeRanger and How It Affected Mac Computers In March, 2016

  KeRanger is a ransomware trojan horse malware that targets OS Systems of Mac Computers and it has affected at least 7,000 Mac Computers in March 2016.. The KeRanger works like most ransomware . It does by encrypting files on to your Mac Computers and demanding payment of 1 bitcoin ( $400 ).  It uses bitcoin which is a crypto-currency because it is untraceable. When you pay the ransom, you will receive an encryption key to redeem your files. I really don’t know if this is true. They may or may not do so. KeRanger is installed to your Mac Computer by a tainted Transmission installer. It makes use of a legitimate Mac app developer certificate. This will permit the installation of the ransomware and will go past the OS X’s gatekeeper technology. The gatekeeper technology stops the malware installation  on your Mac. It wasn’t so in this case. The moment the KeRanger is installed, it starts it’s communication with a remote server and then it sleeps for three days. The moment it wakes up, it will receive the encryption key from the remote server and it starts to encrypt files on your infected Mac. Once the encryption is done with, most of your user files cannot be used. What Apple has done is to rescind the Mac app developer certificate that was used by the app. By doing this it has allowed gatekeeper to recognize KeRanger and stop it’s installations. Transmission has taken away Transmission 2.90 from their website and has come up with a clean version.

   How to avoid new ransomware that use crypto-currency to extort money from you:

1. No computer is exempt from malware – Brush off the thinking that your Mac is safe from any malware. It is also vulnerable to such attacks. Remember that you are dealing with hackers who are experts. These cyber criminals who extort money are the worst of them all.
2. Start to backup your files – Don’t be a couch potato, If your files are important,you should back them up. You can do this by using an external hard drive. Keep on backing up your files. Backing up your files will give you peace of mind.
3.  Be careful – Don’t just install software from sites that you are not sure of or from any third party.  Ransomware can come through your email. Always download from sites that that you know.  If you have a Mac download your software from the apple store
4. Always be protected – Get a well known anti malware or anti-virus solution for your own protection. Remember that these criminals are also upgrading their malware. This is the reason why you need a very good anti-malware security protection.
5. Don’t give these criminals money- Doing this will just give them more momentum to do what they are doing. Ransomware attacks have been steadily increasing because people are paying these crooks money.
   Ransomware is evil because it attacks anyone and these cyber criminals do not care who they victimize. It could be big businesses or even a simple ordinary person. Big Businesses have very important data and it is the data that ransomware targets. This is why your computers whether they are Macs or other branded names need to be protected. This is just my opinion, but I think everyone who keeps important data should be reminded. Ransomware is the worst cyber threat now.

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