Monday, May 15, 2017

What Is Wanna Decryptor Ransomware

   Wanna Decryptor Ransomware ( A.K.A. WannaCry )  is a type of malware comes in the form of a Trojan and it is transmitted through a loaded hyperlink that can be transferred through a loaded hyperlink that can be unintentionally opened by a victim through an email, advert on a webpage or Dropbox link. Once it is activated, this program spreads through the computer and all the files will be locked down with the same encryption used for instant messages. The moment the files have been encrypted , all original files will be deleted.  It will now give out a ransom note in the mold of a readme file. Your wallpaper will be changed and will demand payment to return the files.  It’s a type of malware that modifies files in the /Windows and/windows/ system32 directories and it can identify other users on the network that it will infect.  Both these actions need administrative privileges. This type of attack also can spread by phishing emails and unpatched systems like a computer worm. The payment is usually done in Bitcoins. One bitcoin is equivalent to $400. This problem can occur when you do not update your Windows OS.
   Last Friday, this vicious ransomware hit at least 200,000 computers  in at least 150 countries. Hospitals, major companies and government were the ones really affected by this malware. A 22 year old security researcher whose identity is known as Malwaretech  was able to register the domain  and keep it from spreading. Although, it  has stopped  spreading for awhile. It still can damage computers when people open their computers on Monday morning May 15, 2017. This malware is still hanging around inside computers that have not been used since Friday May 12, 2017.  Other attacks may still emulate. I call this a criminal attack because it affected hospitals in the U.K. and Scotland. They cannot use their s MRI scanners and other equipment like refrigerators for blood storage. As of May 14, 2017 $33,000.00 has been paid in ransom. It still may escalate higher come Monday morning May 15, 2017. Just be careful and always be protected by acquiring very good AV products.

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