Wednesday, May 17, 2017

What You Can Do To Prevent Ransomware Attacks

   Last May 14, 2017 was D-DAY for a lot of companies that were using Windows OS Systems . I am referring to Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10. Thousands of computers were struck hard by the ransomware Wanna Decrptor Ransomware more popularly known as WannaCry Ransomware.  A lot of big organizations in 150 countries were hit and were asked to pay a ransom amounting to $300. The total amount syphoned off by these cyber criminals reached $53,000 plus. Cybercriminals are the worst and most vicious hackers out there on the internet. There are around 450 types of rmalware that can infect your computers If you are not protected. Ransomware is a kind of malware.
   Here are some ways you can protect your computers from infections of these kinds:

1. Know the Patch Of Your Windows OS  - Every Windows OS has a patch. If you are using an older verison of Windows, you will have to go to the Microsoft Windows Website to get the right patch. A patch is a code that is used as an add - on to update a software. In this case it is Windows OS.  You can do the same thing for Windows 10. I know that Microsoft issued a patch last March for Windows 10.

2.  Always Enable Your Automatic Updates - Everyone who uses Windows OS must enable their automatic updates. It is for your own good.   This will help you in protecting your computer from malicious software. Security issues can be identified when your Operating System is updated. You may be running an anti – malware or anti – virus program but you still need to be amply protected.
3. Use Only Proper Software – many causes of infections come from third party software.  Pirated software are the causes of a lot of infections . Your Windows OS must be a legal copy. You won’t be issued patches if you are using an illegal Windows OS.  If you are using an illegal Windows OS, you are susceptible to all kinds of attacks.

4. Always Be Protected  - Do not just keep on downloading files and not knowing that the files have been infected. Get a credible Anti - Malware Security software.

5. Backup Your Files - You need to backup your system on a constant basis. If you lose your data, you can recover it. You can use an external hard drive or store data on Cloud for this purpose.  Catastrophes can happen like being hacked by cybercriminals who use any type of ransomware to demand payment.  Companies and other large organizations should have a systems administrator that will regularly update their network.
   It is always better to be alert and aware that the e are cyber criminals out there ready to steal documents and demand payment.


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