Friday, June 30, 2017

How To Protect Your iPhone From Malicious Activities

   The iPhone uses the iOS, an operating system that is being used for all Apple mobile devices to run it’s hardware. It is primarily based on direct control. It uses multi - touch gestures. It has an interface that consists of sliders, switches and buttons.  The Apple iOS was originally known as the iPhone OS. It was renamed iOS in 2010 to include the other mobile devices created and developed by APPLE.
   Many iPhone users out there have this understanding that iPhones cannot be penetrated by malware. I beg to disagree, there are many instances wherein iPhones have been hacked.  If you open messages from people that you do not know, your iPhone can be hacked. If you are using a public Wi-FI network , hackers can exploit this and steal important data from iPhone users. Restaurants, hotels libraries and coffee shops are commonly known as places that have free Wi FI. If you get into unknown websites and download software, you can acquire malware. Hackers can also use this to get valuable information from your iPhone.
    Here are some safety measures that you can follow:

1. ) It is best for you to have alphanumeric passcodes - More complex passcodes are better because hackers will have a very difficult time cracking your passcodes. It’s really easy for them to crack into your passcodes if you are four digits. In order to accomplish this just go to your settings app then “ Touch ID & Passcode.  You can turn simple passcode off.  This will permit you to do a more complexed type of passcode. You can use upper and lowercase letters, numbers and even symbols.

2. ) Disable tour SIRI Lock screen -There are technical gaps that can be used by hackers to look into your private information.  Some hackers can bypass your lock screen and that’s how they get information from your iPhone. In order to disable Siri on your lock screen, you must perform the following procedure. Open your settings app and the select Siri. Now you can switch off access when locked.

3. ) Be Wise - Do not just open emails if you do not know the sender. This may contain malware that can infect your iPhone. This is one way that hackers can steal information. Avoid browsing unfamiliar websites because your iPhone can get infected with malware. Look at variations on the URL because the website might not be legitimate. This is one way hackers can get into your iPhone. The worst thing that can happen is that you can be locked out of your account.

4. ) Turn On Find My iPhone -  When Find My iPhone is on you can see your device by using iCloiud. This can be done using your laptop or desktop computer. You can find your iPhone if you lose it. If you have permanently lost your  iPhonebecause someone stole I,. you can remotely wipe out all data from your iPhone. You can open your settings app. Tap iCloud or your name on the top. Select iCloud, scroll downwards and tap Find My iPhone. Switch on Find My iPhone.

5. ) Notifications Must Be Turned Off - I would rather turn off notifications because it can cause trouble.    Your notifications will show all the all the contents of messages you received, your appointments for  and other pertinent information for that day. Someone can take a peek into your iPhone anytime while you aren’t looking.

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