Thursday, June 29, 2017

What Is An Android Phone and How Can You Protect It

    An Android mobile phone runs on an operating system developed by Google. It is being used by most smartphones. Even tablets use this type of Operating System.  The Android Operating System is an open source based on the Linux Kernel. The Kernel is a very important part of the computer operating system. It gives out basic services for all the parts of the computer operating system.  The Android Operating System can alter and be customized for the user’s purpose. Android types of phones often have different Graphical User Interfaces even if they have the same OS. Android phones have built – in applications and they render support for third party programs.

    Your Android Phone is important because you have valuable information in it.  ( 1 )  it is best for you to use a password. it can be bothersome to keep on tapping on your phone but I would rather have it locked then find out later that someone had looked into my phone.  ( 2  ) You might lose you phone and that can be bothersome because someone else can gather information about you. Using your android device manger, you can locate your lost phone. You must go to your menu and open settings. Go to google and then to security. After doing this, you must enable Android Device Manager and remotely locate this device. As long as you have a wireless connection and your battery on your phone has some life into it, you can remove all the important data on your android phone. ( 3 )  Google cannot protect you if you are getting apps from a third party ( not google play store ). There are third party app stores that are not legitimate and this is where you can get all sorts of malware. It is best for the user to disable the unknown sources. Unknown sources can be found by first going to settings and then security. ( 4 ) Scan your apps at least once a week.  ( 5 ) Keep your phone system updated. Always check for new updates. ( 6 )  Keep your safe browsing mode always on. It will tell you if the website you are browsing is safe or suspicious. It is always  better to be safe than sorry.

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