Friday, June 2, 2017

What Is Ethical Hacking All About

   In order to perform ethical hacking, you need to be known as an ethical hacker.  The ethical hacker will hack into a computer network and will make a probe exploration and assess it’s security with the knowledge of it’s owners. The ethical hacker will find out the weaknesses of the security system that any hacker can take advantage of.
   Ethical hackers do use the same methods as criminal cyber hackers do.  Their main intent is to determine any faults on the security system and find out if the system can be penetrated by illegal access and malicious activities. Computers that are open to attacks have sub-standard configuration systems, well acknowledged hardware and unfamiliar hardware. Their systems may have software flaws. Ethical hackers may also find out if your system network may have operational deficiencies. Any organization or company whose computers have access to the internet or are engaged in online services should undergo penetration testing . Penetration testing means testing computers that are on a system, network or application so that faults could be found  and avert attacks from cyberhackers. Penetration testing is also known as Ethical Hacking.
Ethical Hackers Must Follow Rules:

1.  Ethical hackers must have written permission to investigate and try to identify possible security risks.

2.  Ethical hackers must have high respect for any individual or company’s  privacy.

3. Ethical hackers must make sure that when they are finished doing their jobs, there is no loopholes for any criminal cyberhacker can exploit.

4.   Ethical hackers must make known to the software or hardware developer of the faults that you have found.

5. Ethical hackers must record their findings.

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