Friday, June 23, 2017

What is Rogue Security Software A.K.A. Malware and How It Works

   Rogue Security Software is a type of malicious software and it is so deceitful because it leads the computer user to believe that there is a virus on their computer It influences the computer user to pay money for a fake malware removal software which introduces another malware to the computer. This malware is risky because it impersonates itself to look real and it offers the user protection against malware attacks. You will realize that the program does not give you protection. It just might be too late because other malware might have gained access to your computer. This malware will make you fearful. It will use schemes that are deceitful and tell you that your computer has been infected with dangerous malware threats. In order to remove these threats you must register or activate the product by acquiring a license key. If you buy this product with your cards, these cybercriminals may use the information from your credit card to extract cash from you. The Rogue security will cause a malfunction of your legal anti malware software or it can disable it.

   Rogue Security Software uses advertising campaigns. Doing this will allow these cybercriminals to earn a lot of cash. They will use legal advertising networks to show advertisement on malicious and genuine websites. These includes blogs, social networking sites and even different kinds of forums..  They can also use spam emails to spread this malicious malware. These cybercriminals are so knowledgeable. They can use their Search Engine Optimization Skills so that their malicious websites will appear on top of search engine results. Since it is at the top of anti - malware search results, you may think it is real. When you get in the website, it will deceive you to download Rogue Security Malware. Google and other top Search Engine Companies have been updating entries and removing those unscrupulous websites that can create havoc.

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