Saturday, June 17, 2017

What Is Zeus Malware and How Does It Work

   Zeus Malware also known as Zbot Trojan Horse malware aims at infecting Windows OS. It can be used as a carrier of a lot of malicious criminal activities. Mainly this malware is used to steal banking and confidential information from the infected computer. The Zeus malware was created to steal private information from computers that have been jeopardized. The toolkit for this is available on the web and it can found on sites where cyber criminals go to. Usually you get this type of malware from emails that try to deceive you to open a file. The file may seem legal because it looks like you are being sent messages from Microsoft, Facebook or the IRS. The email will usually issue you a notification on your online account or tell you that you have an underlining concern regarding financial or banking information.
   Private information can be collected in several ways. When it has been enforced the Zeus Malware will naturally collect Internet Explorer, FTP ( File Transfer Protocol ) or POP3 (  Post Office Protocol3 ) passwords. The most potent harmful effect it can create is by tracking down the websites in the configuration files. It can take hold of all legitimate web pages and place in extra fields. ( for example  it can add additional information into a banking Web page which initially only asked for your username and password ), This can cause havoc and real concerns on your part.
    Zeus Malware works by modifying your configuration files that have been well organized into the Trojan installer by the cyber criminal. It can also be updated by the attacker to hit your other information at any time. This kind of malware gets in contact with a command and control server and it can make it do other different kinds of tasks. Doing this, will permit the cyber criminal to direct the malware to download and enforce other actions. It can shutdown your computer and reboot it. Your system files can be deleted. You cannot use your computer without reinstalling the Windows Operating System.

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