Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Up, Up and Away With The Electric Flying Car Made By Lilium

   A German Company named Lilium has successfully tested a VTOL Jet . It’s the first company to do so beating both Uber and Google. This seemed to be impossible several years ago. Now, the impossible has become possible. The Munich based company has several investors like Skype co -founder Niklas Zennstrom. The Company has said that this five seater jet can be used for urban air taxi and ride sharing services. The company said that it’s two seater prototype was  able to accomplish air maneuvers  which comprised of vertical mid-air transition from hover mode, just like what a drone does to wing-borne flight just like a standard aircraft.
   Other big players are joining the fray like Airbus. Airbus, one of the reknowned makers of commercial airline planes and helicopters is planning to test a prototype  self- piloted, single seater  flying car in the  later part of the 4th quarter  of 2017. Aeromobi, l a Slovakian Company  has announced that it would start considering orders for a hybrid flying car that can also be used to drive on roads. They plan to start production in 2020. Makers of these flying cars  flying cars will have to convince governments that these flying cars are safe.
   Lilium said that it’s jets can travel 190 miles and with a maximum speed of 186mph. They claim that their electric aircraft can make a vertical take-off and it is jet powered. Lilium also announced that it’s jet will have a consumption that is similar to an electric car. They are boasting that they can offer passenger flights at prices equivalent to ordinary taxis. The speed of getting to your destination  will be five times faster  than that of a taxi.

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