Wednesday, July 5, 2017

What Is Ice IX Malware

   Ice IX Malware is an offspring of the notorious Zeus malware. It is like a tweaked version of it. This Trojan malware is being used by cybercriminals to steal personal and financial information. It largely targets your identity information, email passwords and your online bank accounts. Ice IX can take hold  of displayed information , subject matter or content  in a browser that is being used for online banking websites. These planted web forms are used to extricate banking information and other sensitive security identity documentation. One notable improvement of this malware ,is that it has defense mechanism. This defense mechanism dodges tracker sites.. In other words it would be difficult to catch these cybercriminals.
  Once the fake form is submitted, the malware sends the important information to the authors using instant messaging protocol. Once this procedure is finished, it becomes a done deal. The cybercriminals can do what they wish. This new variation can trick anyone to reveal their credit card details. They can target your login and passwords on social media networking. What they want really to acquire are your telephone numbers.. This is more important to them because if they get your phone numbers they can divert and redirect transaction from the bank.
Things are very different now because these cybercriminals are using the  automation process. This makes it so easy for them to fool anyone  so that they can give up their phone numbers. The banks may have all kinds of sophisticated  machines to detect fraud  but it becomes useless. It really boils down to phone numbers because once the bank calls, all the hacker has to do is say ok and the transaction is done.The reason for this is that banks do not give much attention by validating users through call centers or other phone channels that may be useful to them. Call centers are better because they can validate the customers by asking a lot of pertinent questions.


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