Monday, July 3, 2017

What Is Wiper Malware and How You Can Protect Your Computer

   The Cyber attack that infected many computers in Ukraine, Russia, France, India and the United States of America last Tuesday January 27, 2017 was a wiper malware. This malware was designed to look like the Petya Ransomware. It was not meant to ask for any ransom but to completely remove all data from the computers.  There were many infrastractures like banks and oil companies that completely lost their data. One of the major companies that took a hit was Merck Inc. a well - known Drug Company. The intention of this malware is to erase all data from the computer’s hard drive.  What happened last January 27, 2017 was a brutal and savage attack because t disguised itself as a ransomware, but they had no intention of asking for money. All these hackers wanted was to destroy data that were in the computers.  Wiper malware not only wipes out your data but it can immobilize your computer system. If your computer has been incapacitated then it becomes useless.

Ways To Protect Your Computer Fro Wiper Malware:

1. Acquire An Anti - Malware Program  -   It is best to be always protected and keep your anti - malware updated.

2. Computer Users Must Be Well Informed - Users must know that there are cyber hackers out there who want to penetrate their computers. They must be care ful when opening emails. Emails are the primary cause of malware.  You can infect a network of computers this way. If you think that the the email is suspicious, just delete it. You can ask a fellow ask your It security personnel in your office, if this email is worth opening.  Think first because Ransomware and Wiper malware can spread easily from one computer to another.

3. Backup Your Data Frequently - Data is very important and and you can back up data using an external hard drive regularly. This you need to do just in case anything bad happens to your computer. It security personnel in offices have to do this habitually. It’s their job to do so. Backing up files will not hurt you , it will help you in case of any system failures or infections.

4. Keep Your Operating Systems Updated  - There are patches that are issued by Operating Systems like Windows. You must get these patches when they are issued. Keep your updates always open. This also goes for. Microsoft and Adobe always releases patches and you must be sure to get them.

5. Be On The Lookout For Changes - Wiper malware can incapacitate your Computer System. You need to watch out for changes in your computer. There are products out there in the market that can do this for you but you need to purchase them. There are many enterprise monitoring softwares that can do the job for you. You just have to choose the one that is suitable for your needs.

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