Tuesday, August 15, 2017

What You Should Know Before Making Your Own Podcast

   Wikipedia defines podcast as an episodic series of digital audio files which a user can download and listen to. It is often available for subscription so that new episodes are automatically downloaded via web synchronization to the user’s own local computer mobile application or portable media player. There are several apps like Stitcher, SoundCloud and Spreaker which allows anyone with a smartphone to listen to your podcasts. Just by using your smart phone and with these apps you can make your own podcasts and this is why podcasting is so important for social marketers. If you can’t reach your audience with your blog, another way to do it is through podcasting.
    Here are some ideas:

1. You must set out a viable plan for your podcasts  -  Part of your plan should be to get a reliable podcasting webhost. It does not cost that much. The cost can range from $5 -$10 a month. Know what episodes should come first and make it in a methodical and systematic matter. You must make make podcasting a monthly undertaking. Determine how many episodes will you have each month. Treat your podcasts like a blog and make a calendar of content for it.  Make a list of your episodes and it must be synchronized. When everything is done in a systematic manner, it will be easier for you to make and record your podcast.

2. Get A Good Microphone  - Don’t invest in a cheap microphone but buy a microphone that is of quality. Remember that you want to be well heard by your targeted audience You have to get the message out clearly. If you have a quality microphone, editing becomes easy.

3. Have an attractive cover Image and introduction – A good graphic designer can do this for you or if you know a thing or two in graphic designing you can do it yourself. Everything counts in podcasting. First impression really counts. Just by your cover image and introduction, your audience can get the essence of what you are trying to relay to them.
4. Follow a set standard format – Doing this will keep you in place and you will not get thrown off from your topic. Every topic must have an introduction, body and conclusion. It's just like a business letter, it has an introduction, body and conclusion. Have a list of important points so that you will not be thrown off from the topic at hand.

5. Getting to know your audience -  You can site examples during your podcasts  or even do just a bit of storytelling. This will help you develop a personal attachment with your audience. Be able to relate your experiences to your audience. Don’t try to be perfect because no one is perfect. Show them who you really are and this means even your liabilities. Everything becomes personal, this way you can earn their confidence. Be who you are and this is very important.

6 Your audio files must be edited –You can hire someone to edit your files. There are also free editing tools but I would get the more up to date editing tools. You can check out their prices online. The editing tools will improve, enrich and compress your audio files. This way your will have  a desirable quality when it is being streamed online.

7. Podcasting can promote your blog – You can refer your audience to your blog if they want to find out more information. They might want to get in touch with you.  Your podcasts can make your blog known. You can also give out your homepage but  the links must be brief.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Why Affiliate Networking I s Better Than Traditional Advertising Networks

   Affiliate Networking is the procedure of earning a commission b by promoting other products owned by people or corporations. You must find a product that you would like to promote it to others and earn a piece of profit for the sale you make. It is different from traditional marketing because these type of promotions relies in advertising campaign that has been in use by companies in use by companies for years and has a proven success rate. Traditonal marketing can include print advertisements , such as newsletters  companies . This comes in form of newsletters, billboards, flyers and newspaper print ads Traditional marketing is more costly and their often out of the range of small businesses  With the advent of internet and smartphones and social networking ,the small business websites can advertise using website banners ,Facebook – like buttons . twitter , tweets podcasts and other low cost and real time methods. You get lesser rmessages that you can deliver with traditional marketing.
   Affiliate Marketing gives owners more hold over their advertisements that appears on their sites. There is a tendency for affiliate marketing p to pay more than that traditional advertising networks . They tend to pay more commissions than advertising networks. Your payment is based on your actions. When anyone clicks on the ad on your site , it becomes a lead or there is a purchase  or even both. By doing this you can earn a commission on your site. When you join an affiliate network , you must fill out an  application form to join particular advertisers. Once you are approved you can choose to join any  affiliate networks. Included here are banners, images and text that you can place on your sites. Specific sites tend to like affiliate networks than ad networks. This is because affiliate marketing tend to offer more control on ads that appear.

1. Affiliate marketing Is More Adaptable  -  Advertising campaigns have a designated start and end states.  Advertisers tend to have a more defined start and end dates.  Advertisers are more tentative  in vesting huge amounts of money until they are sure that that the strategy will work. Affiliate marketing  campaigns is an essentially familiar form of becoming a reseller.  It’s inclined to be ongoing.

2. Affiliate Marketing Has More Diversity.- Affiliate marketing has a larger scope in terms of online channels wherein they are running. Advertising networks are limited on websites. Affiliate networks offers you a large variety of options because it has wide array of channels. This includes email, social media networking, search engine or more. It has a wider range of ad types. You can add a QR code ( A machine readable code of an array of black and white squares , typically used for storing URL’s or other information for reading by the camera or smartphone ). You can add this to you website.  A contextual article can be added to your website.

3. AffIliate Marketing  Is Up To Date - Affiliate Marketing is not a thing of the past. Google algorithms notwithstanding, affiliated marketing gives a way for customers to find appropriate resources and goods. Do not believe that the rumor of Affiliate Marketing is a thing of the past.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

How To Attract Readers and Customers To Your Website

   It is important for website owners to be able to bring in readers and customers to their website. Websites must be built for a purpose. You will not earn if your site is not user friendly. To have a beautiful website is just one thing but seeing how your website  does perform is also important. Once your Business Website is done, you must find out what kind of customers and readers are going to your site. Take a look at what they are doing and you should find out certain means and ways on how to entice them to become your customers. It is not easy because you have competitors out there and you must be one step ahead of them.
    Here Are Some Tips That Website Owners Can Consider:

1. Make Your Design Responsive - Having a Responsive Design will give your prospective customers and readers better viewing experience. It can reach a wider variety of audience. This design is very suitable for those who are using smartphones. It is also appropriate for desktop and laptop computers.  A Responsive Design is really good because it has flexible layouts, flexible images and cascading style media queries. It real aim is to build web pages that can identify the visitor’s screen size and orientation. It will change the layout correspondingly, to fit the size of the screen.

2. Use Condensed Messages - Always have messages that are straight to the point. Long messages can be quite confusing and it can turn the customers or readers off. Customers are always on the lookout for what they want and how much is the purchasing price. You should be able to give them the best service and tell them why they should buy from your site. What are the benefits they can get if they buy from your site. They want to know the cost of shipping or if it is free. You should be able to challenge your customers to buy from your site. There should be a call to action message.

3. Use Team Pages - People want to know the individuals behind the company.  They need to trust you.  They like to know the culture of the company. Using individual team pages is also beneficial. It gives you the opportunity to rank in search engines. There may be a chance that people visiting your website will look up your name. It will do you no good if all your names are listed in one page. Google cannot know how to rank the person’s name.

4. Have Specific Landing Pages  - Having your customers or readers get into your homepage is good but leading them to particular landing pages is better.  Websites have an assortment of products and information. You need a landing page for each type of product and information. If you are selling shoes, you need a landing page for leather or rubber shoes.  If you have information about technology, you need to have a landing page each technology article. It could be computer technology, automotive technology or others. It is important to have a specific landing page.

5. Always Have New Content and Articles - Your website needs to be refreshed because customers or readers don’t like going to websites that have the same old news. If you are selling something you should have new deals. This way your website becomes significant and interesting. You should have new articles on your website if you are promoting something. If you do not do these things, your website becomes irrelevant. You can lose readers and customers this way.

Monday, July 17, 2017

How To Enhance Your Website Using Search Engine Optimization

  Search Engine Optimization is the process is of augmenting and maximizing the number of visitors to a specific website. This is so that it will rank high n the list of results of a search engine. You have to build your websites so that it will attract and please your visitors and customers. The purpose of SEO is to create a substantial perfect user experience. It must be able to relate and communicate to search engines what your intentions are. This way the search engines can endorse your website to all relevant search engines.
1. Your Werbsite Must Have The Following Factors - links, paid search and social media are just the result but It becomes useless if it does not have infrastructure, platform/CMS ,Info Architecture  and content information . Your content , information architecture , content management system and infrastructure is what will make your website rich with flavor. Without it nobody will visit your site. Your website must have the sugar and taste so that people will visit it.

2. Search Engines Like The following - Search engines are like factory workers, they want to please their employer . In other words they want to be at their best and they want to please their boss.  Search engines will do their best by recommending users to websites that are significant to the needs  of what the searcher is looking for. How is being significant considered?  Content is a reflection of the theme that is being shown. This includes the text shown on the pages, the titles and descriptions that are being relayed on your site.  Now we go to performance, Is your site fast enough to get to and is it working properly. Does your website have the proper content that you can link up to other authoritative websites. Can your website be used as a reference or cite credible information that could be made available,.
3. What Search Engines Do Not Like - Search engines do not like it if you have way too much keywords on your pages Do not insists in buying links, it will get you nowhere.  Make it easy for people to find what they want. Do not place too many ads . Your content must be easy to find. Making it hard for them to find your content will be bad, because your bounce rate will increase. Just remember that search engines have only a limited amount of storage. Do not try to fool them or else you will become the losers.

4. Know Your Business Well - You need to think and not just focus on your goals   You need to know your conversion. Conversion happens when a visitor to your website completes a desired goal, like filling out a form or making a purchase. The percentage of total visitors that convert is called your conversion rate. What are you selling? Are you selling products that are relevant or mere impressions. You must have goals that are reachable. You have to know your assets and liabillities. Know your strong and weak points. If you are weak in certain areas, you must be able to strengthen this area.

Friday, July 14, 2017

What Is Digital Marketing and It’s Advantages

   Digital Marketing is also known as Data Driven Marketing. It  covers a broad term for marketing products and services using digital technologies  on the internet. It also incorporates mobile phones , display advertising and any other digital medium. Many companies are receiving benefits of  digital marketing.It has a lot of advantages that traditional marketing lacks.  With Digital marketing , businesses can have a stronger impact in the way customers communicate with their brands online.
    Here Are The Advantages:

1. The Playing Field Is More evenly Distributed  - Using the internet brings more visibility. It’s like opening a store. The only thing is that your store is web based, although for some they may have sites for their stores that are located in different places.  Location means a lot and your store must get noticed by your prospective customers. You must get a business name and your information must always be updated.  Doing this will bring more customers to your site.

2. Digital Marketing Can Keep You Ahead Of Your Competitors.- If you want to stay ahead of the competition, Digital Marketing is the best way. . Businesses want to get in touch with a lot of people. You can do this through SEO ( Search Engine Optimization, ) Organic Search,  Local Search, Google Adwords, Social Media and blogs. You can do this using the world wide web  than to go out in the field using the traditional ways of doing things,

3. You Will Spend Less Doing Digital Marketing – You’ll spend a lot when you do traditional advertising especially if you use Broadcast media and other media like newspapers. It will be cheaper toi do things online. You can use You Tube, podcasts social media  and blogs. Some of these are free and the others are much less expensive than traditional marketing.

4 You Can Use Analytics For Digital Marketing – This is one of the best things when you are doing Digital Marketing because ad creators can find out how your business is doing because of analytics. You cannot do this with traditional marketing. You can use analytic reports to test your advertising campaigns ,.You will find out what has been bought and things that prospective buyers are looking at.

5. Digital Marketing Can Connect You To Mobile Users  - Digital Marketing can be set-up for mobile devices so that you can connect to prospective customer wherever they may be. The moment you’re your search and digital presence has been developed, you can be assured that you’re your site will be easy to find.  Once you have a digital presence and your local search has been enhanced, this becomes essential because your business can be found by people browsing their smartphones.

6. With Digital Marketing You Become More Competitive - Digital Marketing is the way to do business now. If you do not learn, you will be left out in the cold. You must get into Digital marketing and make are al smart Digital Marketing Strategy.

7 You Can Track Down Your Brand Through Digital Marketing  - One thing nice about digital marketing, you can check on want people think about your brand .You can connect to customers who are not satisfied.. This gives you the opportunity to address negative information before it starts circulating on the internet.

8. Digital Marketing Allows you To Develop Trust With Your Prospective Customers  - If You follow your customers on social media and connect to them by commenting and telling them you care , you will gain their trust and by doing this you will have more customers. This is because that you are showing them that you care for them and you want to have a long lasting friendship with them. They will be so appreciative that you have reached out to them and this will create a positive view about your brand.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

How Technology is Constantly Changing The World We Live In

  Technology has been evolving since many years ago .We use to have ordinary phones, typewriters and Television Sets. In the early days horses became the mode of transportation. Later on trains, cars and buses started to come in. Typewriters are now obsolete because you can do more things with a laptop or desktop computer. Today, technology is still evolving. Now our telephones have evolved from ordinary phones to cell phones and now smartphones. Everyone seems to have a smartphone because you can do a lot of things with it. You can go on the internet, facebook, call and text friends plus keep vital information. You can even use viber to call and have a live chat with your friends. Television has evolved because now you have High Definition TV set. Newspapers are on the decline because you can read all sorts of news from the internet.  You don’t need to send mail to your friends because you can do it through electronic email.
   There Are Upcoming Technologies That Will Come In About 8 Years From Now:

1. Social Media will be much bigger - There will be Social Media networks that will try to contest Facebook. I still believe that Facebook will still be the leader in the industry. It still is adding half a million new users every day.  Instagram will still continue to perform well. It has replaced twitter as the no.2 social media network with over 70 million photos posted each day. It has now has over 300, 000 users as compared to 284,000 users of twiitter.

2. By 2025 Solar can be the biggest source of energy. - There will be an advanced breakthrough in the harvesting, converting and storing energy. This will make it the main source of energy in our planet. Photovoltaic Energy ( Solar Cells known as photovoltaic ( PV ) cells by scientists will transform sunlight directly into electricity. PV name is taken from the process of transforming light ( photons ) to electricity ( voltage ) which is known as the PV effect. Solar panels will be used to heat buildings and water. In the process it will power our devices at home and in the office.

3. Type 1 Diabetes Can Be Stopped  - The will be a human Genome  ( it is an entire set of nucleic acid sequence  for humans encoded as DNA within the 23 chromosome pairs in cell nuclei and in a small DNA molecule found within the individual mitochondria . Human genome incorporates both protein coding DNA genes and non- coding DNA ) engineering platform . This makes it possible for Doctors and scientists To alter the RNA ( ribonucleic acid )  and DNA ( deoxyribonucleic acid ) sequences that transfers the disease.

4. The Shortage Food and Food Price Changes Will Not Be A Concern  - Lighting and imaging technologies will improve the growth of crops growth all year round. This will fix the problem of traditional farming. You’ll be able to grow genetically altered crops indoors. What this leads up to is that the disease and environmental factors will not be much of concern for crops and the food that is bought in supermarkets. It will maintain a consistent range of price and availability.
5. Electric Charged Cars Will Be the Norm By 2025 - Electric vehicles will change the auto industry. Traditional vehicles will start to fade.  The battery of these cars will last longer. This means you can travel longer. Instead of having gas stations, you will now have electric charging stations. Airplanes will  also embrace this technology.

6. Wireless Communications  - Digital communications will be a part of our daily lives  by 2025. All our appliances, homes and cars will be intertwined together. To be able to do this, a new kind of technology will store energy and act as electrodes that will deliver hyper -connectivity.

7. Biodegradable Packing Will Be Used - Packaging will consists of cellulose materials that are plastic-like but it is made of plant matter.

8. Cancer Drugs Will Be Safer To Use - By the year 2025 cancer drugs will be more accurate and specific. There will be less side  - effects. More prĂ©cised drugs will have less side effects. More specifically aimed drugs will be able to unite particular proteins and antibodies that can cause an exact action. When it is paired with a new knowledge of gene mutations, it can make treatments of cancer better.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Toyota To Hit The Skies With SkyDrive

   Toyota has joined  the flying car business by supporting  a startup company called Cartivator. This drone like vehicle will fly at least 10 meters  ( 33 feet )above ground . The spee3d of the skydrive can go as much as 62 mph or 100 km/hour. Cartivator is working hand-in-hand with drone expert Masafumi Miwa from Tokushima University, Cartivator is working with 30 young volunteers and their goal is to test flight the car in 2018. Eventually they would like to have the SkyDrive commercialized by 2020. They would like like the SkyDrive to be ready so that it can light up the flame in the 2020 Olympics.in Tokyo.

   The SkyDrive measures 2.9 meters long or 9.5 feet long. The SyDrive is considered to be the smallest flying Electric Vehicle. It is said, that it can take off from any public road and it is easy to handle. Toyota has agreed to support Cartivator on this project by pouring in 4,2 million yen  ( $370,000 ) to get the ball rolling. Toyota decided ready.to be a part of this project because it’s Chariman Takeshi Uchimayada said that things will not progress if you wait and provide money when the technology is there already.
   Cartivator is planning to have a test a test flight in 2018. For this matter it will use a  SkyDrive prototype that is manned . Ryutoro ( Business Director of Cartivator ) said that they want to imitate the way that the 1996 Atlanta  Olympic flame was ignited. Not only that, they want to improve on it. In my point of view lLighting it up with the SkyDrive will be spectacular. Their purpose is to commercialize the SkyDrive after the Olympics. The SkyDrive will linger around at less than three feet off the ground. It will use the VTOL ( Vertical and Take off Landing )technology. There is no need for roads and runways. Their technology is quite similar to drones. This includes four rotor blades. You can change the speed of each rotor. Doing it this way means that travel can be maneuvered.

What You Should Know Before Making Your Own Podcast

   Wikipedia defines podcast as an episodic series of digital audio files which a user can download and listen to. It is often available fo...