Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Apple Watch 2

   The Apple Watch 2 has added more upgrades than the previous series. This smartwatch has a new water resistant design, a GPS chip that can track down your runs, a tracker for swimming and a better performing processor. It comes with a ceramic finish and a new Hermes band that gives the watch an elegant look. It uses the new Watch Operating System 3 and it does enhance the functionality of this smartwatch. The Apple Watch 2 base model costs $370. The model that uses the Nike+ of this watch comes with a much improved sports band that allows you to connect o the apps.It has a sudued Nike branding  but for this model you’ll have to pay a higher price. The highest priced ceramic model will cost $1300. The good news is the original apple watch will now have the same upgraded processor as the series 2. This will cost $269. The Apple Watch 2 is a bit more costly than the original series. This smartwatch comes with a water resistant chassis. You can swim while using this watch. It’s a bit thicker than the previous series. You can pick your kind of watch because the design comes in Aluminum, stainless steel and ceramic models. This watch has curved edges, a well formed glass and a digital crown on the side that spins. The Apple Watch 2 has a heart rate monitor that is located on the underside. It has 4 LEDs called pulse lights located underneath the watch. This shows how fast your heart beats. The LEDs on the underneath of your watch looks like it’s bulging. When the watch is strapped on your wrist, it is not noticeable and it supports the components on your watch. The Apple Watch 2 has a bright looking screen and it stays that way in any weather condition.. The screen Is really sharp. It is so useful for whatever you are doing. It has 100 nits of brightness and this is really very good. The Apple Watch 2 still maintains the same 1.65 inch display and the 390 x 312 OLED display remains the same. It’s not the brightest looking screen available in the market but it is more than adequate.

The best update that comes with the Apple Watch 2 is it’s S2 dual processor and it has 1GB of 
RAM. The graphical performance has also improved. These improvements make this smartwatch a well- balanced one. The Apple Watch 2 has a taptic feedback, it feels more like a tapping sensation on your wrists .than a buzzing sensation. It is just notifying you on what you should do. The alarm ringing mimics the ringing of an alarm clock. The OS 3 is the right mixture of hardware and software. You could do a lot of trickery. It has a dock for your 10 most used applications. Another good addition is the Breathe, It tells you to lean back and take at least a few breaths to relieve you of your stress. You can now use the OS 3 to call for help for emergency purposes. The SOS number can be called from the power off screen.
   The GPS on this smartwatch is precise and perfect. The readings are very accurate. It also connects to Glonass  It’s the Russian alternative to the Global Positioning System,  it has more chances of picking up your exact location. The GPS is quite good, the battery life is much stronger. The user interface is clean and really fit for use. You can use this smartwatch for workouts, cycling and brisk walking. It tells you the amount of calories burnt. You can use the battery for at least a day or two. if you are using the heart rate monitor and playback monitor, this will affect the battery’s life. The Apple Watch 2 can track down 7 hours of running time. The tweaks added here are perfect and this is why it is considered to be a topnotch smartwatch.

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