Wednesday, February 22, 2017

LG Watch Urbane

   The LG Watch Urbane has a stylish look to it and it has some good function. This smartwatch is not cheap. It cost $350. I would say, it’s more of a dress up watch that fits businsessmen. It comes with  Android Wear mode bands and it has a fine looking black leather strap. The LG Watch Urbane comes with the latest 6.0 Marshmallows software which increases battery life and lengthens gesture support. The LG Watch Urbane has a 1.3 inch P-OLED display (  320 x 320 ) 245ppi. It has a classic screen and it is really nice to look at. The viewing angles are just right. My only concern is that when you look at your watch under direct sunlight, you have to cover the sides with your hand to see what is on the screen. The resolution of the LG Watch Urbane is just right. The LG Watch Urbane has a stainless steel body that is clean. You can use other leather straps, something made of silicone, metal and different kinds of leather straps to suit your needs There are two kinds of body that you can choose from: rose gold or silver watch body. As for me the body is quite big and I don’t think any woman would like the body style. It’s really fit for men. You can use this smartwatch with casual sporty attire. You can choose the style that fits you The LG Watch Urbane’s bezel is a bit slimmer and has been moderately flattened. You will find no buttons on the body of the LG Watch Urbane it uses the usual watch crown that is on the right side. It is just used as a back button when pushed. The LG Watch Urbane has dimensions of 45.5 x 52.3 x 10.9mm and it weighs 66.5 grams..
   The Android 5.1.1 software installed on the LG Watch Urbane is useful for conserving battery life. It does so by displaying a limited watch face by using it’s always on screen feature. Of course there will be less colors and details. There is also the hands free gesture that allows you to flick your wrists to you or away from you  This way you can skip through the Google Now cards or just forget them. The process is smooth and continuous. It has WI-FI support. This means that you can connect to a network, receive messages, notifications. You can use any applications if you do not have your phone by your side. Your phone must have it’s own WI-FI or LTE connection in order for your watch to work. You must keep on swiping to the left to find your contacts and the voice control. When you say Ok google, a list of options will appear so you can have ideas.  There is a Stopwatch Timer and flashlight. There is also Amazon, Find MY Phone, LG Pulse and checking your current calls. You can browse Amazon by vocally searching anything you want. Find your phone,calls your phone and that I like. LG Pulse keeps track of your heart rate.

   The LG Watch Urbane has a 320 x 320 P-OLED screen is located on tap of the Snapdragon chipset, with 1.2 GHz and 1GB of RAM. The storage is 4GB. The LG Watch Urbane does not come with a GPS. LG’s reason is that it will lessen the battery life. I would like them to come out with a GPS for functionality purposes. The heart rate monitor located on the back, in combination with the barometer and accelerometer inside is very useful when you are walking. This smartwatch is IP67 rated. This means that this watch is dust resistant and water resistant. It is water resistant up to a depth of 1 meter. The LG Watch Urbane Is only compatible with Android devices running on Android 4.3 and later. The performance needs to be improved. The performance is just average. The battery has a long life. It can last almost 2 days.

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