Sunday, February 26, 2017

Quantum Computers: The Computer Of The Future

 Quantum Computing is for real. This is what D-Wave, the company behind the Quantum Computer development says. You have to be adept at Computer development. Only those persons trained in quantum physics and advanced mathematics can make these type of computers. It is best if the persons or companies involved are adept at both.  These are the people who can work with the very few Quantum Computers in existence. A quantum computer is a computer that makes direct use of distinctively quantum mechanical perform operations on data. In a conventional computer, the amount of data is measured by bits. In a Quantum computer the data is measured by qubits. D-Wave, a Canadian Company behind the Quantum Computer that Google and NASA have been testing this type of computer since 2013. It  wants to make computing a bit easier by using open source software.
   Conventional computers keep information in bits. This can be represented using 1 or 0. Quantum computing takes advantage of quantum particles which is in a peculiar state called superposition. This means that the particle is rotating in two different directions simultaneously. These particles make up what we call qubits. Companies that are involved in making Quantum computers hope to produce incredible speed that are incredibly faster than the computers we have today. This is done by stringing up all the qubits together.  We have many companies now like, Google and Microsoft that are exploring Quantum computers. The IBM Quantum Computers are meant for general purposes and this means that these particular Quantum computers are being designed to solve all kinds of concerns, while D- Wave’s Quantum  computers are being designed to solve optimization concerns. Let us see how computers will change five to ten years from now.

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