Monday, February 20, 2017

Google Pixel 2 Smartphone

  The Google Pixel 2 is a great looking smartphone that has added additional wonderful features into it. You will get all the google applications that you need. Here are the specifications for the base model The new google pixel 2  comes with a 5 inch Full HD display 1080 x 1920, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor, 4GB of RAM, 32GB storage, 12MP rear camera , 8 MP front camera, 2770mAh battery, fast charging support, headphone jack, SIM card  and an Android 7.1 Operating System. The price for the base model is $650. You can upgrade the storage but that will cost more.. The Smartphone will go on sale starting February 24, 2017. The framework of the Pixel is constructed from metal and glass and that makes it a top of the line phone.  What is not noticeable is the case is thicker at the top than that of the bottom. I am merely stating that the case slims down going down to the bottom. The front side has the front camera plus the earpiece.  The front also accommodates a secretive notification LED. The top and base level bezels are broad. You can find a mono speaker at the bottom’s edge.  In the center of the phone you will notice a USB-C port. It’s actually a USB 3.0 port. Other phones are using a USB 2.0 port.. In the top edge located at the center you will see a headphone jack and one nano –SIM tray that is unnoticeable in the left- hand edge. On the back is what they call the opinion-dividing glass panel and the color is different from the rest of the phone. There are 3 colors for the Google Pixel 2 ( Quite Black, Very Silver and Really Blue.  You can get the Really Blue color in the U.S.A. .only. There is also a fingerprint scanner, camera, LED flash and a microphone. The Google Pixel 2 has a fine finish. If you are going to acquire this phone, you must buy a case for it. The phone is a bit slippery.

    The 5 inch screen uses a Gorilla Glass 4 and it has an AMOLED panel. The 1920 x 1080 releases a density of 441ppi. Having said that, this phone releases wonderful colors, different variations and nice viewing angles. The screen looks really clear from standard viewing distances. The Snapdragon 821 is faster by 10% than the 820. It also comes with 4GB of RAM, CAT 12 LTE, an 802.11ac WI-FI with 2 x 2 MIMO, GPS, NFC and Bluetooth 4.2. The Google Pixel 2 is not water resistant. Do not use this if there is any sort of liquid near you. Using all of this hardware makes the Google Pixel 2 very fast. The Android 7.1 really works well on this phone plus it unlocks so quickly.  In the GeeKbench 4 test it scored 4116and this was in the single core test. On the GFXBench ( Graphics test ) it scored 20fps above the category level. In the Car Chase test, ( for games ). This is quite good. In the Manhattan test it scored 33fps. In the T-Rex test the Google Pixel 2 got a score of 58fps. These scores show that this is really a good Smartphone. You can use the non-removable battery for a full day but you have to recharge it at night.

   The camera has a rear camera with a 12.3Mp sensor, a 1.55um pixels and an f2 lens. It uses both laser and phase detection. It also has a duel-LED flash have a lot of details. There is an EIS
.( Electrochemical Impedence Spectroscopy ). This is a great camera to use. The images are clear. It has nicely exposed photos and all the details are there. The video is very detailed. The Android 7.1 works well with the Google Pixel 2. It is practical and it has very capable features. These are the things you want to have in a Smartphone. This is a real improvement from the nexus and I am sure a lot of people out there would like to get their hands on this.


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