Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Asus Zenbook UX330UA

   The Asus Zebook UX330UA  is a value laptop that will cost $730. This laptop has a lot of power and comes with the following specifications: Intel Core15-7700U and the operating System is Windows 10. It has an 8GB of RAM and has a 256 SSD. The Display size is 13.3 inches and comes with a display Resolution of 1920 x 1080. This laptop uses the Intel Graphics 620. For connectivity purposes it comes with WI-FI- 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac and a Bluetooth 4.1. The Asus Zenbook UX330UA has a video memory of 64MB. The touchpad size is 4.1 x 2.9 inches. These are the ports of this laptop: USB Type-C, USB 3.0. and a 2 in 1 Headphone and Microphone jack. There are 3 USB ports on this laptop and there is a SD memory reader card slot. The size of this laptop is 12.7 x 8.7 x 0.5 inches. The weight is 2.68 pounds.  Some other laptops that have similar features will cost you at least $900. The Asus Zenbook UX330UAgives a very good performance and the viewing angles are good. The Asus Zenbook UX330UA has a nice looking body.  It has a silver aluminum lid that has a common center pattern. It’s plastic deck and bottom look rather dull and it has a matte gray finish.
   The Asus Zenbook UX330UA with it’ s 13.3 1080 non-touch screen gives out vivid looking images and the colors are splendidly beautiful. The screen on this display produces a 106 percent color gamut. This is a very good rating. The Asus Zenbook UX330UA screen is precise. The Delta-E score is 1.1 and this is better than the category rate of 2.2. On the light meter test, it regIstered a score of 286 nits. it’s lower than the ultraportable category average of 304 nits. The Asus Zenbook UX330UA’s screen is still fairly bright. The Harman Kardon speakers delivers precise audio and loud sounds. The ICE AudioWizard gives you different kinds of sounds you can use. It has sound profiles for music, movies and voice. The Asus Zenbook UX330UA keyboard gives you the ability to type well. I wouldn’t say it’s really a good  experience, but it will do. The keys are in order and it has a 1.5 millimeters of travel. The 4.1 x 2.9 inch buttonless touchpad gives you smooth and precise navigation.  You will have no concerns when you are browsing around.  On the upper right side corner of the touchpad, you can see the finger print sensor. You can use this to log in via Windows Hello. You have all the ports you need on this laptop. On the left side you will find a USB 3.0 port, a 3.5 mm audio jack and an SD card reader. Over at the right side you will find a power port , a 2nd USB 3.0 port, a micro-HDMI out port and a USB Type-C port that does not support charging.
    The Asus Zenbook UX300UA gives a very credible performance as it uses the Intel Core i5-7200U, 8GB of RAM and 256B of SSD. This laptop is capable of doing multitasking. In the Geekbench 4 test the Asus Zenbook UX330UA scored 7,182 above the ultraportable laptop average of 7,066. In the file transfer test it had a rate of 150 MBps. This is slower than the category average of 180 MBps. The Asus Zenbook UX300UA laptop has a good mainstream performance for watching movies. You can do ordinary gaming but this laptop cannot do intensive gaming. In the 3D Ice Storm Unlimited test that measures graphics power, this laptop had a score of 66,645 and it’s better than the category average of 53,500. The 720p webcam on this laptop gives good quality images. The camera on the Asus Zenbook UX330UA is a bit better than some of the ultraportable laptops that are on the same level. This laptop does not overheat. In several tests that were performed on this laptop, everything was at the normal range. The touchpad measured  81.5 degrees Fahrenheit. The keyboard had a score of 86 degrees Fahrenheit and the bottom had a satisfactory 90.5 degrees Fahrenheit. The battery can last for a day. If you are going to use it the whole day doing stuff like surfing and other stuff, the battery will last for at least 10 hours. This laptop will suit those who are on a budget but want good performance.


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