Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Garmin ViVoactive HR

   The Garmin ViVoactive HR will definitely suit the sporty people out there. It will appeal also to other people because it’s an everyday fitness band that has smartwatch functions.  It just has everything you need because it has a useful tracking device that takes note on how many steps you have made, how far you have walked, floors you have climbed, calories you have burned and it even tells you how many hours you have slept. It has a built in optical heart-rate sensor and GPS system for tracking your everyday activity. This watch can do a lot of things like tracking your golf game, skiing, indoor and outdoor cycling, rowing walking, strength training and other outdoor activities like running. This watch does not have to be charged every single day. The battery is strong enough and can last you 8 days. If you are using your GPS constantly, it can lasts for at least 13 hours. The Garmin ViVoactive HR will cost $250.

    The Garmin ViVoactive HR samartwatch is not appealing. Who cares? This watch was not meant for display but for sports minded people and people on the go. This watch is big and hefty. It’s not the watch you’d like to wear for special occasions. This watch is waterproof up to 5o0 meters.  It’s display is always on. It’s difficult to read when you are indoors. You must have a light lit for you to see it clearly. The Garmin ViVoactive HR is so visible when you are outdoors. This smartwatch has a heart rate sensor that is located at the back of the watch.  The heart rate sensor is almost error free and works well when you are running or just sitting down.  All wrist-based heart ratess ensors are not precise, there could be a delay of at least five seconds compared to other systemized heart rate instruments. There is a bit of fluctuation when you do very hard workouts but it is better than some of the fitness smartwatches out there in the market.

   The data on this watch jibes with the Garmin Connect bile apps on Android and the iOS. The app will give out remarkable amount of information and can connect with so many Garmin products. At first you can find it confusing when you start navigating. You will get used to it after sometime.  Garmin must simplify this matter and it will become user friendly.  Garmin ViVoactive HR will work well for those who have active lifestyles. It’s tracking capabilities, waterproof design, long battery life and it’s diverse functions makes this smartwatch desirable.

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