Monday, May 22, 2017

What Kind of Currrency Is Bitcoin

   Bitcoin is a type of digital currency. It is not controlled by anyone. There is no bank, credit card or third party that you have to go through.. It is not a printed currency. Bitcoins are produced by people . Transactions do not need any middlemen. Transaction fees ear not needed.  You do not even need to give your real name.  Persons and companies dealing with wholesale trade are beginning to accept this currency also known as cryptocurrency. With Bitcoins you can buy things electronically. It’s similar to dollars and euros that can be traded digitally.
  The thing that makes Bitcoins different it is because it is decentralized.  No single organizations like ( Banks ) control their money. In some ways, it makes people safe because no large institution controls their money. This currency is not printed by a Central Bank. It is not accountable to people as a whole because it makes it’s own rules. Bitcoin is created digitally by people . This cryptocurrency is created digitally by group or community of people and anyone can join. This currency is mined using computing power in a distributed network.
   You cannot have unlimited bitcoins and that is their official procedure. Only 21 million bitcoins can be created by miners and this is what make bitcoins work. It can be divided into smaller parts ( the smallest divisible amount is one hundred millionth of a bitcoin and it is called Satoshi after the founder of Bitcoin ). It’s founder is Satashi Nakamoto. it’s an alias for an anoymous programmner launched in 2009. Conventional currency is based on gold and silver. That is not so with bitcoin , it’s based on mathematics.  There is a mathematical formula done by people that produces bitcoins . This formula is available and you can check on it. It is an open source. You can take a peep on it and see what it does

   Here are it’s Features:

1, It Is Not Controlled By One Central Authority

There is no one central governing authority. Every machines that mines bitcoins and summons a series of transactions is part of the network and the machines work together. That means that one machine can’t play around with monetary policy and cause a disastrous event. It cannot take away bitcoins from them.  If the network goes off line, the network keeps on running.

2. Very Easy To Set Up

With Banks you will have to sign a lot of documents to open a bank account. You can set up bitcoin addresses in seconds. There are no questions asked and no fees to be paid.

3. Your Identity is Anonymous

You can have multiple addresses and  they  are not connected to names, addresses and your personal identification is not known.

4. Transactions are Transparent

Bitcoins keep every details of your transaction by using a general ledger called blockchain which reveals everything. If your bitcoins are on a public address. They can tell how much bitcoins are kept on that address. They just won’t know it’s yours. You may make your transactions non-transparent on the bitcoin network. You may do this by not using the same business addressses consistently and do not distribute a lot of bitcoins to the same addresses.

5. Transactions Fess Are Almost Nothing

Banks will charge you a certain amount for transferring fees while Bticoins won’t charge you. If they do it’s just a tiny amount.

6. Sending Money is Fast

Send money anywhere and it will arrive in minutes , when the bitcoin has processed.

7. Non-Refundable

The moment you send your bitcoins, you cannot get it back. The sender has to give it back to you.

1 bitcoin as of today cost $2,165.51 dollars.

Friday, May 19, 2017

What are The Two Types of Ransomware

  Ransomware is a type of malware that will limit or stop computers users from accessing their system. It will lock your system screen or lock the user’s files until you pay the ransom.There are two types of Ransomware:

1. CRYPTO RANSOMWARE - This is a kind of ransomware that encrypts files on your computers and even your mobile devices . The encryption will scramble the contents of the file. When this is done, your files become illegible. This means it becomes unreadable. You need a decryption key for your device to become normal again. The hacker is holding you as a hostage until you pay the ransom demand. You will see the demand of payment on your screen. When payment is paid, they will give you the decryption key. There are many forms of crypto – ransomware.
   Here are some types of CRYPTO RANSOMWARE:

a. Apocalypse  Ransomware - This ranmsomware encrypts the victim’s file and then it will change the extension of the encrypted files to .encryption files.  The victim now will have to send an email for instructions on how the ransom must be paid. It spreads through spam email.

b. Crypto  Ransomware 2.0 - This ransomware also encrypts the files and it becomes inaccessible. Your files will be all muddled up. This way you cannot get your files back. Your restoration mode and return to previous mode is taken out from the system. Spam campaigns and malvertising are used to distribute this ransomware

c. CryptoLocker Ransomware - This ransomware spreads through infected email attachments and botnets. Botnet is a collection of internet – connected user computers infected by malware that allows computers to be controlled by a bot herder ( operator ). The ransomware encrypts certain types of files that are kept on network drives using RSA public- key cryptography. The key is kept on the malware’s control services. This ransomware will display a message which offers to decrypt the message when payment is made. You are not sure whether the cyber hacker will decrypt the message.

d. Decryption Max Ransomare - It encrypts the file of a victim. It will add .Crypt,.pzdc.extension after each file that was encrypted.  The ransomware will now change the wallpaper of the victim with a snapshot image of how the ransom must be paid so that you can get the key for the encryption.

2. LOCKER RANSOMWARE - It is also known as computer locker. It will not encrypt your files but it will not allow access to your computers and other mobile devices.  It will lock the user interface and then it will order you to pay the ransom. It will leave you very few choices. You could communicate with the hacker ( attacker ) or just pay the ransom.

    Here Are Some Of Forms LOCKER RANSOMWARE:

a. Department Of Justice Ransomware -  This ransomware will create a registry entry. Once this is running on your computer, your device will shut down and your system will be completely locked . You will not be able to do any work or task. This ransomware will order you to pay a certain amount of cash through Paysafe or Moneypak card. This is a big scam and you won’t be able get your money back.

b. Urausy Police Ransomware - Also known as Police Virus or FBI virus ( Trojan ). It will determine the place and country location. It will download a variety of Trojans.  After this is done, it will start creating false notices from a police force in your location. This is usually spread through fake updates and email attachments. Once this gets in to the system of your device, it will show a ransom note page. It will now order you to pay the ransom using money gram, money pak and Bitcoin. You may never get your files back if you don’t pay.  This is another scam.

c. Ophion Locker - It will encrypt  data with ransoms that will differ from country to country. This  ransomware  is dispersed through online advertising campaigns. It will trick you to click on a certain part of a website. When you do this, it takes hold of your computer.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

What You Can Do To Prevent Ransomware Attacks

   Last May 14, 2017 was D-DAY for a lot of companies that were using Windows OS Systems . I am referring to Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10. Thousands of computers were struck hard by the ransomware Wanna Decrptor Ransomware more popularly known as WannaCry Ransomware.  A lot of big organizations in 150 countries were hit and were asked to pay a ransom amounting to $300. The total amount syphoned off by these cyber criminals reached $53,000 plus. Cybercriminals are the worst and most vicious hackers out there on the internet. There are around 450 types of rmalware that can infect your computers If you are not protected. Ransomware is a kind of malware.
   Here are some ways you can protect your computers from infections of these kinds:

1. Know the Patch Of Your Windows OS  - Every Windows OS has a patch. If you are using an older verison of Windows, you will have to go to the Microsoft Windows Website to get the right patch. A patch is a code that is used as an add - on to update a software. In this case it is Windows OS.  You can do the same thing for Windows 10. I know that Microsoft issued a patch last March for Windows 10.

2.  Always Enable Your Automatic Updates - Everyone who uses Windows OS must enable their automatic updates. It is for your own good.   This will help you in protecting your computer from malicious software. Security issues can be identified when your Operating System is updated. You may be running an anti – malware or anti – virus program but you still need to be amply protected.
3. Use Only Proper Software – many causes of infections come from third party software.  Pirated software are the causes of a lot of infections . Your Windows OS must be a legal copy. You won’t be issued patches if you are using an illegal Windows OS.  If you are using an illegal Windows OS, you are susceptible to all kinds of attacks.

4. Always Be Protected  - Do not just keep on downloading files and not knowing that the files have been infected. Get a credible Anti - Malware Security software.

5. Backup Your Files - You need to backup your system on a constant basis. If you lose your data, you can recover it. You can use an external hard drive or store data on Cloud for this purpose.  Catastrophes can happen like being hacked by cybercriminals who use any type of ransomware to demand payment.  Companies and other large organizations should have a systems administrator that will regularly update their network.
   It is always better to be alert and aware that the e are cyber criminals out there ready to steal documents and demand payment.


Monday, May 15, 2017

What Is Wanna Decryptor Ransomware

   Wanna Decryptor Ransomware ( A.K.A. WannaCry )  is a type of malware comes in the form of a Trojan and it is transmitted through a loaded hyperlink that can be transferred through a loaded hyperlink that can be unintentionally opened by a victim through an email, advert on a webpage or Dropbox link. Once it is activated, this program spreads through the computer and all the files will be locked down with the same encryption used for instant messages. The moment the files have been encrypted , all original files will be deleted.  It will now give out a ransom note in the mold of a readme file. Your wallpaper will be changed and will demand payment to return the files.  It’s a type of malware that modifies files in the /Windows and/windows/ system32 directories and it can identify other users on the network that it will infect.  Both these actions need administrative privileges. This type of attack also can spread by phishing emails and unpatched systems like a computer worm. The payment is usually done in Bitcoins. One bitcoin is equivalent to $400. This problem can occur when you do not update your Windows OS.
   Last Friday, this vicious ransomware hit at least 200,000 computers  in at least 150 countries. Hospitals, major companies and government were the ones really affected by this malware. A 22 year old security researcher whose identity is known as Malwaretech  was able to register the domain  and keep it from spreading. Although, it  has stopped  spreading for awhile. It still can damage computers when people open their computers on Monday morning May 15, 2017. This malware is still hanging around inside computers that have not been used since Friday May 12, 2017.  Other attacks may still emulate. I call this a criminal attack because it affected hospitals in the U.K. and Scotland. They cannot use their s MRI scanners and other equipment like refrigerators for blood storage. As of May 14, 2017 $33,000.00 has been paid in ransom. It still may escalate higher come Monday morning May 15, 2017. Just be careful and always be protected by acquiring very good AV products.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

What Is Backdoor. Mac.Eleanor Malware

   This Malware was discovered by Bitdefender in May 2016 and they named it Backdoor. Mac. Eleanor.  This was the second malware to attack APPLE Computers . The first malware to do this was KeRange. This malware can come in to your computer when you open the app called EasyDoc Converter. This is a drag and drop converter. EasyDoc converter will install a wide range of malware in your laptop or destop computer. This fake file converter app once installed will download a malicious script. After it is installed, it will pick up a lot of tools that can take hold of Face Time camera. It will download files and execute  commands and it will send emails that have attached files. Face Time camera  can be accessed because this dubious app has a tool known as “ wacaw .” This is an open camera tool.

   If you do not have a tool known as little Snitch, this malware will creep in by installing three launch agents in the user folder and it will have a folder that is hidden. All of these folders contain executable files. They seem to be legitimate Dropbox  elements but they are not. The legitimate Dropbox is located in your user user folder. This fake dropbox is located in your  user's library folder. This three launch agents will trigger the Tor hidden service, a web service and a Patebin service. What the Tor service will do is set up an address. This way the hacker can send commands to the computer that has been infected. Patebin is used to upload the infected Mac. Tor address  to Patebin where the hacker can find it. Patebin is a popular website for storing and sharing text. It’s usually used to distribute legitimate data. Hackers use it to deposit stolen information,

    This is really dubious and bad malware. Apple has removed EasyDoc converter from it’s update. It is still out there in the internet . Do not download this type of software from the internet. Do not download apps that have not been updated. Always be aware of what you are downloading. It maybe 2017 now but this malware might still be on the internet. It is best to be protected. Get an Anti-Malware that is suitable for Macs and always keep your Gatekeeper enabled.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

What Are The Types Of Spyware That May Invade Your Computer

   Spyware means any software that can get information from your Laptop and Desktop computer  without your prior knowledge. There are two classes of spyware: ( Domestic and Commercial ). Domestic spyware is a software that you buy and it acts like a watchdog. It tracks down the behavioral patterns of your internet activity. Business owners buy this type of software so that they can look into the online activities of their employees. Parents can even buy this type of software so that they can look into the internet activities of their children. All you need is a computer network and these things can be done. A third party can also install this software onto your Laptop or Desktop without your knowing it. These criminal hackers will do this to get valuable information from you.  Commercial Spyware is known as adware.  Companies that usually sell things use this kind of software to track down what you do on the internet and then they sell the information to marketers. These marketers will then send you advertising ads that will fit your needs.  Never click on suspected malicious links or any link that you are uncomfortable with.  It may be disastrous because you might be allowing hackers to steal your important passwords.

   Here are the most common spywares:
1. Chat loggers and email recorders  - These types of  Domestic  spyware will make a duplicate copy of all your chats, outgoing and incoming email.

2. Keyloggers and Password recorder - When this type of spyware enters your laptop or desktop computer it will record any key entry you make on your keyboard.  It is risky because someone out there is on the prowl looking at every key entry you make. Passwords can be stolen
3. Internet URL loggers and screen recorders  - This Domestic spyware  looks in to whatever you are doing online. URL loggers record the sites that you visit. Screen recorders take photos of your screen every time it is changed.

4. Browser Hijacking - There are a lot of hijackers on the web and they accomplish this by putting a lot of traffic stats on their website. Their aim is to have higher advertising revenues.

5. Web Bugs - This is just annoying because you will have a lot of pop  up ads showing even if you are not online.
6. Modem Hijacking – If you are using a telephone modem for your internet needs, you can be at risk. No passwords are stolen but it will install an online dialer. These may come in spam and porn emails. Never click on these type of emails. This will install a new internet connection that may be real expensive. You will get shocked when you receive your next phone bill.

7. PC Hijacking – If you are using a high speed internet, you can become a primary target.  These criminal hackers will use your IP address to send a lot of spam emails.  You will not know but you will be receiving many complaints about spam emails coming from your IP address.

8. Trojans and Viruses -  Trojans  may seem harmless but for me it is not. It can destroy your data, copy it and even distribute it. A virus is almost the same, it can repeatedly copy itself and it can damage many computers. Trojans can also be used to transfer a malicious virus or other spywares without being detected by an anti – virus program.

   My advice is that people using Laptops and Desktops must get  a reliable anti – spyware program.

How To Keep Your Laptop In Shape And Safe

   You need to take good care of your laptop because all of your important documents are stored in this machine. If you do so then your laptop can last for a long time.  Give this machine your attention and treat this like your own precious possession. If you can take care of your car, why not take care of your laptop. You need to check on your laptop, since you use it frequently. A damaged laptop is of no use to anyone. The performance of your laptop may suffer, if you do not keep it in shape.
    Here Are Some Ways To Keep Your Laptop In Shape:

1. Clean The Screen of Your Laptop  -   Use a microfiber cloth to clean your screen. Dust can stick to your screen. You can buy a certain type of liquid that is designed to clean laptop screens. Do not use any kind of cleaner because this can ruin your screen.  As for me, the microfiber cloth is the best way to clean your screen because it does not produce lint.  Just wipe your screen gently and this type of cloth will remove the dust.   Do not use alcohol because this can permanently damage your screen.

2. Drain Your Battery  -  Do not keep on using your laptop when your battery is fully charged and your charging adapter is plugged to an electrical outlet.  Doing this will ruin your lithium-ion battery in the long run. Drain your battery to at least 20% and then recharge it. You can use it by removing your battery and using the electrical outlet to power your laptop.

3. Clean Your Keyboard  -  Before doing this power off your laptop. Use a melanine sponge and soak it in water. Let it dry. This way there won’t be any speck of water left in it. Gently rub the corner of the sponge on the dusty and dirty pats of the keyboard. Do not rub so hard because the letters on the key characters may be removed. You can use other kinds of sponge but it will not be as effective a s the melanine sponge.

4. Do Not Eat Or Drink Near Your Laptop -  You have to keep your laptop out of danger.  Spilling any type of liquid like water on your laptop can ruin your motherboard. Laptop motherboards are very expensive. It is better to be aware of this, then feel sorry afterwards.

5. Keep Your Laptop On A Flat and Clean Surface – This way your laptop will not fall and  get damaged.  A clean surface is better because your laptop will not accumulate dust. Do not use your laptop while you are in bed because it can accumulate dust.

6. Have The Right Bag For Your Laptop – Since a laptop is a portable machine, you will have to carry it using a shoulder bag or a backpack. It must have padded portions that are made especially for laptops.

7. Clean Your Laptop Fan – You can do this by acquiring a camera lens air duster. Make sure that your laptop is powered off before you start.  After that, you can insert the nozzle of the air duster into the vents. Make sure you get as close as you can and then start blowing the dust. The fan blades should stop turning and this can be done by inserting a long plastic object to stop it from doing so. You can also open the laptop. If you are not accustomed to this step, bring it to a certified computer technician and let him do it. You will have to pay a certain fee.  If your laptop starts to hum, it might mean that you have to replace your fan.

8. Never Leave Your Laptop Inside Your Car - There are prowling thieves out there. If they see a laptop in your car, they can cut out the window glass of your car and get hold of your laptop.  This is a valuable item.  Do not tempt the thieves.

   These are just some tips that any laptop owner must know.

Monday, May 8, 2017

How To Stop Your Laptop From Crashing

    It is important for any user to keep their laptop from crashing. You have to understand that you have important files in your laptop and you must keep them safe. There are many ways to fix the problem . If your laptop crashes, you can try troubleshooting before bringing it to a store that will fix it. Usually the store will tell you just to t buy a new hard drive and increase your hard disk Drive space . What happens to all your data?  It’s all lost.

    Here are some tips to help you from preventing your laptops from crashing:

1. Get a free registry cleaner. Install it and run the scan and tests. It will cleanup all the mess in your laptop. It will remove all the unwanted files, temporary files, temporary internet files.  Make sure that all the files that has been detected  is taken out .Tthis will speed up your laptop. Keep on running the registry cleaner until all the problems have been fixed

2. Get a free version of Malwarebytes  Anti Malware.  Allow this software to update . When all the updates have been installed , perform a Quick Scan. Remove all the malicious software from your laptop.  Restart yourlaptopr and check if your laptop does continue to crash.

3. Overheating - can cause your computer to crash. You can update your BIOS or clean you air vents and put in filtered material over the inhalation vents. Overheating can be a regular problem because your laptop has many elements that are in a small area. Dust can build up and block your air vents. You need to clean your air vents regularly. Fans can help your laptop from heating up.

4. Slow Hard Drive - You may experience slow file transfers. The remedy for this is to do disk defragmentation. When your information are not organized, this can slow down your performance. There may be a lot of bad sectors on your hard drive. Defragging can take a lot of time but it is a must if you want to keep your computer safe. Disk Defragmentation can be accessed through your accessories or system tools.
5 Your Battery Quickly Discharges.: You have no choice but to change your battery. After a few years lithium ion batteries  can lose their power.

6. More Memory Needed  - This happens when your laptop becomes slow when you use several applications. The only way to love this is to upgrade your RAM. Booting up becomes slow and you need to add more RAM. There may be some programs that you rarely need and you can just simply delete them.

7. Hard Drive Failure - You can feel a loud click when the laptop retrieves data from yourHhard Drive. You can do online back-up. I usually back-up my files by using an external hard drive. There are plenty of software solutions that you can use and there are a lot of them out there in the market like Norton Save and Restore. You can get it at the price $50. You can back-up your data online and there are many sites that you can use. Dropbox is also good for backing up your important files
7. System Crush  - Your laptop won’t boot up. The only way to solve this is to remove your hard drive and put it on an external enclosure. Afterwards you can run checklist. Problems can arise because of a missing system file or a bad sector in your hard drive. If that is the case, take out your hard drive from your laptop ( Use your instruction manual that comes with your laptop ). Now, place the hard drive in a USB enclosure. These are externa l housings for internal hardware. Afterwards connect the USB cable to a USB cable port.  If the file system remains unchanged, the hard drive will appear as an external hard drive . Now, you can transfer data from the drive. Run checkdisk by opening a DOS prompt ( Start>Programs>Accessories>Command Prompt ) then type in  X. X is the letter of your external drive Press Enter and type”chkdsk/f.” Your system will then ask you to remove the drive; this is right. Type Y and then  press Enter. The laptop will display bit of your information about your drive ( file system type and serial no. ). Now you can scan the drive and fix any errors it meets. You will just be fine once you put back the hard drive to your laptop. Turn it on.

8.  MalWare – This could be a virus or spyware. Install antimalware or free antivirus. Malware can damage your laptop. This happens when there are so many pop-ups that will definitely slow down the sped of your laptop. Dow load a very good security software. You may have to pay for this. You can download free tools like Ad-Aware and Spybot, Search and Destroy. Do regular scanning using these tools.

This write-up just serves as a guide and I am not recommending any product.

Friday, May 5, 2017

What Are The Kinds Of Malware That Affects Your Smartphone

   Your Smartphone is just like a small PC that you keep in your pocket most of the time. There are a lot of details and personal information that people keep on their phone.  You can browse the web and send emails. Most Smartphones have WI-Fi  connection s that allows you to chat with people using viber, facebook and you can even download  applications  from third party vendors. Doing these things can be risky.  You need to be protected. There are certain malwares that you can get from downloading. Remember that there are hackers out there who want to get something from you and even earn money.
   Here Are Some Of The Malwares That Every Smartphone User Must Be Aware Of:

1. Expander- It’s main objective is to hit the smartphone’s mobile meters and this can add on to your  phone bill and of course the hackers what to make some profit.
2. Worm – This malware reproduces and it could contaminate other devices. It does contain spurious instructions and if you follow it this can be very harmful. This type of malware can be conveyed through text messages.
3. Trojan – This is a very dangerous malware because this type of virus can erase your data. It can deactivate applications on your phone and it will malfunction and paralyze your smartphone.
4. Spyware  - This type of malware is really bad because it can access your personal data, use it and spread it out without you knowing it. The hacker can get sensitive information from your smartphone.
5. Ghost Push – This malware takes control of your phone’s system resources. It makes it unresponsive and it will drain your battery in a fast way. There will be unnecessary apps that will come on  and appear suddenly . Advertisements can appear at any time in full display or on your status bar.
6. Cabir – This malware infects smartphones that are running on Symbian OS. When infected, the smartphone will come out with a message ‘Caribe’and it will be displayed on your phone the moment your phone is turned on.
7. Duts – This malware will infect all your EXE. files that are bigger than 4096 bytes in your current directory.
8. Skulls – It’s a Trojan horse type of code that attacks Symbian OS. The moment you download this type  of malware , the Skull photo will appear replacing your icons. It will render all phone apps useless.
9. Commwarrior - This malware spreads through Bluetooth and it affects Symbian OS. Once this malware is launched , it will hunt down Bluetooth devices and the infected files are sent through a random name to various devices.
10. Gingermaster – It is a type of malware that creates a service that steals information from your android Smartphone and sends it to a remote website with an HTTP POST request. The information taken includes user identifier, SIM Card number, telephone number, IMEI number, IMSI number, screen resolution and local time.
11. DroidKungFu  - This malware  works in two ways. First, it takes advantage of a backdoor in the Android phone’s software to load a backdoor on a device, allowing hackers to steal sensitive information on the device. Secondly, the handset could turn into a .bot. This will permit the device to be used to perform actions without the user’s permission.
11. IKee  -  This is a type of malware ( worm  ) that targets  the Apple iPhone OS.  IKee can only infect an iPhone if:  1. The device has been jailbroken – hacked by the user to install software that has not been approved by Apple 2. An unapproved Security Shell  ( SSH ) application, which allows remote access to the device has been installed 3. The default SSH password for the ‘root’ user has not been changed from the factory default (  ’alpine’ ). Users who have not jailbroken their iPhones, do have an SSH application installed or have changed the default SSH password are not affected.  When this type of malware is active, it will change the background wallpaper dwhen the iPhone is locked .  The image of 1980’s pop star Rick Astley will appear. You’ll just see the message “ IKee is never going to give you up”.
12. Gunpoder - This malware was the first known virus that infected google playstore.
13. Shedun- It’s an adware serving as a malware. It can install malicious third party apps on your mobile devices remotely even if the users do not want to use it.
14. HummingBird -  This malware has infected over 10 million Android operating systems. User details are sold and adverbs are tapped on without the user’s knowledge. This way illegal advertising revenue is generated.

   My personal advice for smartphone users  is to be careful when downloading apps. Be sure you are downloading apps from a credible source. Do not just keep on clicking and clicking. Do not open emails , if you do not know the source where it came from. Always be on the alert , Do not just befriend anybody on Social Media. Install a credible mobile anti-malware security.  It is better to stay protected than unprotected. This is just my advice.

What Is KeRanger and How It Affected Mac Computers In March, 2016

  KeRanger is a ransomware trojan horse malware that targets OS Systems of Mac Computers and it has affected at least 7,000 Mac Computers in March 2016.. The KeRanger works like most ransomware . It does by encrypting files on to your Mac Computers and demanding payment of 1 bitcoin ( $400 ).  It uses bitcoin which is a crypto-currency because it is untraceable. When you pay the ransom, you will receive an encryption key to redeem your files. I really don’t know if this is true. They may or may not do so. KeRanger is installed to your Mac Computer by a tainted Transmission installer. It makes use of a legitimate Mac app developer certificate. This will permit the installation of the ransomware and will go past the OS X’s gatekeeper technology. The gatekeeper technology stops the malware installation  on your Mac. It wasn’t so in this case. The moment the KeRanger is installed, it starts it’s communication with a remote server and then it sleeps for three days. The moment it wakes up, it will receive the encryption key from the remote server and it starts to encrypt files on your infected Mac. Once the encryption is done with, most of your user files cannot be used. What Apple has done is to rescind the Mac app developer certificate that was used by the app. By doing this it has allowed gatekeeper to recognize KeRanger and stop it’s installations. Transmission has taken away Transmission 2.90 from their website and has come up with a clean version.

   How to avoid new ransomware that use crypto-currency to extort money from you:

1. No computer is exempt from malware – Brush off the thinking that your Mac is safe from any malware. It is also vulnerable to such attacks. Remember that you are dealing with hackers who are experts. These cyber criminals who extort money are the worst of them all.
2. Start to backup your files – Don’t be a couch potato, If your files are important,you should back them up. You can do this by using an external hard drive. Keep on backing up your files. Backing up your files will give you peace of mind.
3.  Be careful – Don’t just install software from sites that you are not sure of or from any third party.  Ransomware can come through your email. Always download from sites that that you know.  If you have a Mac download your software from the apple store
4. Always be protected – Get a well known anti malware or anti-virus solution for your own protection. Remember that these criminals are also upgrading their malware. This is the reason why you need a very good anti-malware security protection.
5. Don’t give these criminals money- Doing this will just give them more momentum to do what they are doing. Ransomware attacks have been steadily increasing because people are paying these crooks money.
   Ransomware is evil because it attacks anyone and these cyber criminals do not care who they victimize. It could be big businesses or even a simple ordinary person. Big Businesses have very important data and it is the data that ransomware targets. This is why your computers whether they are Macs or other branded names need to be protected. This is just my opinion, but I think everyone who keeps important data should be reminded. Ransomware is the worst cyber threat now.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

What Laptops Are Suitable For Seniors

   It is very important for the elderly to be comfortable when using their laptops. The chair that they are using must be comfortable. The table must be well positioned and must be the right size. Finding the right chair and table will make things convenient for the elderly.  Elderly people will use their laptops commonly for facebook, getting in touch with their family by using such apps as skype, email purposes. If they are savvy enough, they can use it for banking purposes or even for their business.  

1. Some may use their laptops for their business and others may use it for their crafts and even for  watching movies and other entertainment purposes.

2. They may need other components such as a mouse, larger keys. Large printed keyboard stickers can be bought and they may need utility managers. If they are going to use their laptops for business purposes, they may need a laptop that has very good processing power. Seniors may have to note down the things that they need for a laptop.

3. Seniors may need software that they will use. Most laptops come with preloaded software.  This includes browsers. If you want a Chrome browser you may need to download it. There are other software that you might need like adobe photoshop or illustrator. Other software can be downloaded in case you need it. Get a very good anti-malware or antivirus software for your laptop’s protection.

4. Get a laptop that will suit your needs and your budget. There are inexpensive and expensive laptops out there that are good for the elderly. Buy a laptop that you need and there are a lot of laptops out there in the market that are on bargain. You may need a laptop that has good sound quality, The Screen resolution should e at least a FHD screen resolution ( 1920x1080 ) or even much more. I would recommend a Solid State Drive than a Hard Disk Drive because the SSD does not have magnets. HDD have magnets and it can wipe out your data. A laptop that is light in weight will be good for the elderly. Laptops that are 15 inches and 17 inches in size will be good for the elderly.

There are some laptops that will suit the needs of Seniors:

There are some laptops that will suit the needs of Seniors:

1. Acer Aspire E 15 - It comes with a 15.6 inch screen with FHD display and this is just right for 
 ideal viewing. The Acer Aspire E 15has a backlit keyboard with 256 GB SSD, an Inteli5 processor 
 with 8GB of RAM. The price is $600.
2. Asus F555LA-AB31 – It comes with a FHD ( 1920x1080 ). This is good because your eyes will    
 not get strained. It has great sounds and it is 15.6 inches wide.  It has the latest Windows 10 
 Operating System, 4GB of RAM, 500GB of hard drive and an Intel i3 processor.
3.  HP 15-aY011nr – This laptop has a sound enhancer and this is good for Seniors who are hard of   hearing. The screen display is 15.6 inches and this is very good because it will not strain your   eyes. It comes with an i5 processor, 1TB hard drive storage and 8GB of RAM. The price for this  laptop is $500.
4. Toshiba Satellite Fusion 15 L55W-CC5153 – This laptop comes with a Full High Definition  
( 1920x1080 )  and it has a touchscreen monitor that is 15.6 inches. The sounds on this laptop is 
 really great. It’s a convertible 2-in-1 laptop. It has a 256GB hard drive, 8GB of RAM and 
 Inte i7 processor. This laptop performs really well  and it cost only $700.
   There are a lot of other laptops out there in the market that will work well with Seniors. It’s all up to you to decide. This article only serves as a guide.

Monday, April 24, 2017

What Laptops and Tools Are Suited For Graphic Designers

   Not all laptops are tailor made for Graphic Designers. Users will find most of these features in gaming laptops. You can’t buy any laptop that has high specs and use it for Graphics. It should have the necessary tools that Graphic Designers need.  You can’t have a small sized laptop for this purpose.  The size is very important because you want to get all the details clearly and properly formed.
    Here Are Some Of the Features You Must Consider:
1. CPU - For Designers, they must get a better than average processor. An Intel i5 Or i7 would be just  be right or the fourth generation Haswell processors that are found on the Apple MacBook Pro 2014 model. Make sure to buy Quad-core processors. Make sure that it is an SSD.  SSD drives don’t have magnets. Magnets can erase your data.
2. GPU – The GPU’s are seen on top of the Graphics Card. Some of the Best GPU’s are the following: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970; NVDIA GeForce GTX 980; NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980; NVIDIAGeForce GTX 750 Ti; NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780.  GPU is a single-chip processor and is used for essentially for 3-D applications and creating images.
3. RAM – Random Access Memory is essential for having a good functioning computer. The more RAM the better. I recommend 8 – 16 GB of RAM. When you have more RAM , you can run more programs and this makes the job easier for Designers.
4. Video Cards – It is an expansion card that permits the computer to deliver information to a video display device.  Video cards need not be expensive but do not cut down on your RAM.
5. Screen Size – Your screen Size must be 15 – 17 inches. Do not compromise. You need more space to work with.
6. Compact – You must have a laptop that is convenient to carry around. Lighter is better.  When a laptop is light, it will have a longer battery life. If you are doing graphics work in your home or office, this  may not be much of a concern.
7. Color Quality – Graphic Designers must have good color quality and that is why it is better to use IPS display.
    The Apple MacBook Pro is a very good laptop to acquire, the version 2014 comes with an Intel Core i7 2.2 GHz( 4th generation ) . It has a fast processor. This laptop comes with a 16GB DDR3L of RAM with a 256GB Hard Drive, Intel Iris Pro Graphics. It has an attractive looking display – IPS Retina Display, 2880 x 1880. It has wireless connectivity ( 802 11/a/b/g/n Wi-FI, Bluetooth 4.0 ).  The Operating System is OS X Mavericks. Battery can last for 8 hours. This will cost $2,000. Designers can also acquire the 2012 model that has 7 hours of battery life and it will cost $,1000.
    The Lenovo Y50 ( Model 59440654 with IPS Display ). This version is really good because it has an IPS Display and it cost just a bit over $1000. It comes with a CPU: Intel 17-4720HQ (2.6 GHz ). It has 1TB SATA Drive. The RAM is 16GB. The OS is Windows 8.1. You can upgrade it t Windows 10. It has 4GB of Graphics Card and it’s GPU is an NVIDIA GTX 960-M. The Hard Drive has 1TB SATA and this version has a 1920x1080pixels IPS. The average battery is 5 hours. This is what Lenovo says. This laptop also has a 720p HD webcam.  You can use this for chatting.  This laptop performs well when doing graphics intensive work.
    From Asus you have The ASUS ROG G75I-JL-DS71 which a gaming laptop that can be used for graphics design. It is a very powerful laptop.  This laptop comes with an Intel i7-4700HQ 2.6GHz CPU, 16GB of DDR3 RAM and it has a large 17.3 inch screen which is very appropriate for a Graphic Designer. It has 1024 GB of Hard Drive. It uses the NVIDIA GTX965 M 2GB GDDR5. The Display is an IPS FHD 1920x1080. For Connectivity purposes it has a 802.11ac Wi-Fi. The Average Battery life is 2 hours. The Operating System is Windows 8.1 upgradeable to Windows 10. This is a laptop that will surely give Graphic Designers a great performance. This can cost as much as $1,200.
  There are five Graphics Design Programs that are quite good: 1. Adobe Photoshop 2. InDesign  3. Corel Draw 4. Quark Express  5. Adobe Illustrator. Take your pick. This write-up is just a guide and I am not personally recommending any of these tools or Laptops.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

What Kind Of Components Are Needed For A Business Computer

   Before buying a Business Computer, the buyer must have a basic knowledge of what is needed.  Business Computers are more personalized than basic computers that are found in homes. Whether you are buying a Desktop or Laptop, you need the right features for a Business Computer.  You will have to consider what kind of motherboard, Central Processing Unit, Memory ( RAM ) and other specifications for your hardware and software. Being more personalized makes it more costly than basic computers.   Price really does matter when you are acquiring a Desktop and laptop altogether. You may need your desktop for your office and your Business laptop when you are constantly on the move.
   Business computers are used for editing, showing videos for presentation and creating videos, viewing top of the line graphics. In other words business laptops and desktops are used for almost everything and this is why you need software applications like: Accounting, Back-up and Recovery, Blogging Tool, Calendar, Collaboration, Microsoft Office Suite, Customer Relationship Management, FileMaker Pro, E-Commerce Service, E-Mail Marketing, Instant Messaging, Invoicing, Mobile Access, Project Management, RemoteAccess/Syncing, Security Suite, Social Networking, Task Manager, VoIP and Virtual Private Network. These are some of the best Business Software tools that will fit in to a Business Computer.

   Business Computers also need multi-core processors. The reason for this is because it allows users to run several applications simultaneously.  Dual-core processors allow the user to do two different tasks at the same time. This gives the user a good experience.  A Quad-core allows the user to do four tasks at the same time. With a Quad-core Processor, the user can do heavy loaded graphics and intensive database tasks. Business people can do lot more heavy work using a Quad-core processor. For Memory purposes, it is better to have 500GB t0 1TB of Hard Drive space. This will be appropriate for a Business Computer. A hard drive that spins at a rate of 7200rpm or more will give the user a faster performing Computer.  If  the prospective user intends to buy a business laptop , it is better to acquire a laptop that comes with a Solid State Drive ( SSD ).  For Business laptops, I think an Optical drive is still applicable and it is better to have a DVD writer. You can install proprietary software to your computer. Sometimes the user may need to send files that have been kept on DVD disks to his/her clients.  Video cards are very essential for Business Computers and an integrated video card on Business Computers will work just fine. For networking purposes a 802.11n WI-FI card will do. This write-up is just a guide for people who want to buy a business computer and not a recommendation.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

What Is SSD and HDD & How Do They Differ

  Solid State Drive or SSD is a non-volatile storage device that locks in continuous data using solid state flash memory. (NAND )  It isn’t your usual traditional hard drive. There are no moving parts that make it work. It has a wide arrangement of semiiconductor memory that has been systematized as a disk drive, using Integrated Circuits ( IC’s ). It is known as non-volatile because it retains your data when the computer is closed.  SSD uses a controller and it is known as the processor. The processor is ingrained in to the system and it is known as the brain of the computer. The processor determines the speed of the SSD. There are a lot of high speed processors out there. One example is the Intel I7 Quadcore 2.9 4.2 GHz turbo boost with 8MB of cache. There are so many like it in the market. AMD also has it’s own version of speedy processors. The connector used for the SSD is what we call  SATA ( Serial Advanced Technology Attachment ). It is a computer bus interface that connects  ATA hard drives, Solid State Drives and Optical drives  to the computer motherboard.

There are different qualities that define SSD's and HDD's
1.  Power/Battery: SSD-needs less power to oiperate ( 2-3 watts ). HDD- needs more power to 
     operate ( 6-7 watts ).
2.   Price: SSD- expensive $0.20//GB ( 1TB ). HDD-cheap $0.03/GB ( 4TB ).
3.  Capacity: SSD-maximum of 1TB for laptop; 4TB for Desktop. HDD  maximum2TB for laptop 
     and 10TB for desktop.
4.  Time For OS To Boot: SSD-10-13 seconds ( average ). HDD-30-40 seconds ( average ).
5.  Vibration: SSD-none. There are no moving parts. HDD-spinning parts can make computers 
6.  Heat: SSD-less power with no moving parts produces little heat. HDD-does not heat up but the 
    amount is more than of the SSD because of the moving parts and more power to operate.
7.  File Copy and Write Speed: SSD-normally above 200MB/s up to 550MB/s. HDD-anywhere       
     within 50MB/s-120MB/s.
8.  Encryption: SSD-Full Disk Encrption ( FDE ). Some models support FDE. HDD-Full Disk 
     Encryption and some models support FDE.
9.  File Opening Speed: SSD-25% to 30% faster than HDD. HDD-slower than SSD.
10 Magnetism Effect: SSD-not affected by magnetism. HDD-magnets can wipe out data.
   Hard Disk Drive or HDD is a non-volatile computer storage device that is composed of magnetic disks or platters that continually spin around at high speed. This acts as a second storage with the random access memory ( RAM ) being the first storage. HDD is more popularly known as Hard Drive. It is also non-volatlile ( same as the SSD ). The HDD’s have been here for quite long a long time now. (  over 60 years  ). IBM was the first to use it in 1956.  It’s really a very old technology. It relies on magnetism locked  in your data on a platter that rotates. The faster the platter goes around, the faster the HDD’s performance will be. The normal laptop drives spins for about 5400 RPM
( Revolutions Per Minute ) up to 7200 RPM. If it is server based then it can reach up to 15,000 RPM. The advantage that it has is that it can store a lot of data. The price of the HDD is inexpensive when compared to the price of an SSD.
  When buying computers, users must know what they need.  You buy a laptop or desktop based on the things that you do. If you are in to business, there are laptops and desktops that are readily available for you.  This also holds true for those that have a creative mind. Do not buy because of instinct. Think before you decide.This write-up is just a guide.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

What Is Malware and How You Can Keep Your Computer Protected

   Malware is a common name and it means malicious software. It does stop your computer from functioning normally. Malware is a broad term for unwelcome or invasive software such as adware, spyware, virus, worm, trojan, rootkit, backdoors, keyloggers, rogue security software, browser hijacker, and ransomware  plus many other more. I only mentioned eleven but there are more than these. 
1. Adware – Amongst all malware, this will cause minimal harm to your computer and this delivers to your computers unwanted advertisements. It can be rather annoying that your computer has pop-up ads. This happens when you are offered free versions of software.
2. Spyware - This is a kind of software that can look into the activities of the user. This can be used to track down what the user is doing. It can look in to your account information and other kinds of data.
3. Trojan – This is a contaminable form of malware. It is a master of disguises. I say this because, it can come in the form of a normal file or program. It will deceive the user to download the program without the user knowing that this is a malware. It can look in to your financial information and it can take-over your computer’s system’s resources. It does a lot of damage when it makes the user’s computer resources unavailable. Just imagine if this malware attacks computers that are all linked up together. This is a very harmful malware especially if you have a business organization.
4. Worm – It is a program that copies itself and eliminates data and files on the user’s computer. It can create havoc by gobbling up your files and programs until it is completely gone.
5. Rootkit – This is a malware that is so difficult to discover.  It Is hiding some place in the computer’s system. It gathers identity information from the user’s computer. While this is going on, the user does not know what is happening. Any Information can be stolen. Remember this malware is always hiding. Once this has been placed in the computer, the computer becomes susceptible to any malware that can infiltrate the computer’s system. The person who did this can take control of your computer or computers.  Just imagine if your computer is linked up to several computers. This can have an effect if you belong to a business organization and your computers are all linked up together. If you ask an expert  for advice, he may advice you to erase your whole hard drive and start from scratch.
6. Virus – This kind of malware is a contaminated program or code that affixes itself to a software and then it reproduces whenever the software is being used. Your computer can get contaminated when this software or files has been shared with you.
7. Backdoors -  it’s almost the same thing as trojans and worms. The difference is that it opens a backdoor onto a computer. This allows a network connection for malware and even hackers to get passage in to a computer. It leaves an open gateway for virus or spam to be sent to the computer.
8. Keylologgers – This type of malware records any typed document in your computer.  It can obtain or extract any typed in document on your PC, or laptops. This includes passwords, log- in names and other important information. This is sent back to the source of whoever made the keylogging program.
9. Rogue Security Software – This is a deceitful malware, because it gives you wrong information.  It seems to be reliable because it pretends to remove malware infection. What it actually does is turn off your anti-virus software.  It’s also a malware and leaves your computer defenseless.
10. Ransomware – If this pops up on your screen “ You have been locked out of your computer until you pay for your cybercrimes.”  This is what you call ransomware. It is a malware. This is not true at all. Your system has just been infected with this kind of malware. Even the demand that you pay this amount of cash is untrue.
11. Browser Hijacker – Beware when your homepage on your browser changes without you changing it. You might have been infected with this kind of malware. This harmful malware will alter your regular search activity. This means that the developer of this malware wants you to see what he wants. This is a way for him to earn money. Don’t continue doing this because the developer wants you to make money for him when you surf. It will open your computer to more infections.
   It is a must for all computers to install legitimate anti–malware and firewall software. Some well known anti-virus brands carry anti-malware protection. You just have to check them out. Anti-Malware software should be able to protect your computer from common malware such as worms, spyware, adware, viruses,and trojans.  It’s better to have both anti-malware software and firewall. By doing this all of your data present and incoming will be scanned and if any malware s detected, it will say so. You can remove the malware at once. Keep your system updated. Do not download from any site that you are unfamiliar with.  Even if you are a Mac user, my suggestion is to get an anti- malware or anti-virus. It is just more difficult to hack into a Mac.  It has Gatekeeper which is a malware checker but there has been some instances wherein malware gets in to your Mac without you knowing it.  It’s like having five fire doors. Two to three fire doors can breakdown, but the fourth fire door won’t.. It’s there but it just will not hit the heart and brain of your Mac. For your peace of mind, it’s better to be protected. You can search the web regarding malware security for Mac Computers. Some of these products like BitDefender, Intego MacDefender, Kapersky, and Malwarebytes can offer protection for your Mac Computer. There are other products out there that can give Mac users the protection they need. With that said, it’s better to be protected than unprotected.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Huawei MediaPad M3

    Tablets are in demand these days and this is because of it’s portability. This is probably why Huawei is challenging the big boys in this category. A 32GB will cost about $400. The 64GB option will cost $500. This 8.4 inch tablet is a smooth and fast little machine. It’s CPU delivers a strong punch. These are the following specifications: CPU – Huawei HiSilicon Kirin Octa-core processor ( 4 xA72 2.3GHz + 4 x A53 1.8 GHz ), OS- Android 6.0 Marshmallow with Emotion UI 4.1. Memory - 32 GB ( standard ); 64 GB ( highest ), 4GB of RAM. Display: Size- 8.4 inch, Type: IPS, Resolution: WQXGA ( 2560 x 1600 pixels ), 359 pixels per inch. Network - BTV-DLO9, GSM: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz, UMTS ( Universal Mobile Telecommunications Service ) ( 3G  ) Broadband 1/2/5/6/8/19, T-SCDMA Band 34/39, LTE-TDD Band 38/39/40/41 ( 100 MHz ), LTE-FDD Band 1/3/5/7/8/19/20/28. GPS: GPS, A-GPS, GLONASS, and Beldou satellite navigations systems; Amap. Connectivity: WI-FI; IEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac  dual band. Sensors: Ambient light sensor, gyroscope, accelerometer, compass, Hall effect sensor, and fingerprint sensor. Cameras: Front camera 8MP, fixed focus ( non-adjustable ), Rear camera  8MP, auto-focus. MIC: Built-in- microphone. Speaker: Dual speakers. Ports: 3.5 mm stereo headset jack, microSD ( supporting cards up to 128GB ), 1 Micro USB port that supports s PC sync, charging and other operations, Nano-SIM card slot. Audio:  SWS 3.0 stereo and sound effect.  EMUI: Emotion UI 4.1.  Battery: Lithium Polymer 3.82 V,5100 mAh.
   The Huawei MediaPad M3 in a light gold colored aluminum frame that looks and feels impressive.   It looks quite similar to the HTC One M smartphone.Just look at the offset camera section that is located at the top of it’s subdued antennae lines and you will notice it’s resemblance  The front side is where you have the front 8-megapixel camera and a fingerprint sensor. The fingerprint sensor can also be used as a multipurpose home key. On the right side you will see the volume rocker and it’s just over the power button. The top portion are where the speaker and 3.5mm audio jack are located. The bottom part also has a speaker, pinhole mic, microSD card slot and a microUSB input. There are no all-apps and back keys on this tablet. The home key works in 4 ways. It functions as a gesture and fingerprint sensor,  tap for back, tap and hold for home, and swipe for current apps. The user should acquire a protective case for this tablet. This is just in case the user drops the tablet. The display resolution  ( 2560 x 1600 ) on this tablet delivers accurate and good looking images. Colors are vivid, precise and the contrast is quite deep. There is an eye comfort mode that renders out blue light. I would not use this tablet outdoors on a sunny day because of it’s reflection. Huawei’s partnership with Harman Kardon was a good decision on their part. I say this, because the speakers on this tablet sounds good.
   This tablet performs quite well because of it’s processor and 4GB of RAM.  The Huawei MediaPad M3 can effortlessly handle the usual daily mobile tablet workload.. Just take care of this tablet and you will have a little machine that can last for a few years. Huawei has been known for it’s fingerprint sensors, it’s quick and reliable. The Android 6.0 and the EMUI are outdated. I really don’t mind, because this tablet is a good performer. For the price, this is acceptable. Just remember, this tablet does not support dual-band WI-FI. It will only connect to 2.4GHz network. The battery can last for a full day unless it is used intensively. If you use it to steam videos with the screen set to it’s utmost limit, then the battery can last for at least 7 hours. The Huawei MediaPad M3 has it's limitations and this is true for most tablets. For the price, performance and for daily usage, this is a good tablet to acquire.


Saturday, April 8, 2017

iPad Mini 4

  The iPad Mini 4 looks it seems to duplicate the functions of the iPad Air 2 but it comes in a smaller version ( 7.9 inch display ). It has been upgraded with a better CPU, 2GB of RAM, laminated display and the body is slimmer than it’s predecessor the iPad Mini 3. This is a small media apparatus ,but it functions well. The price of this iPad starts at $400.00 for the unit that comes with WI-Fi. The starting price for the unit that carrie Wi-Fi and  cellular activity cost $530.00.. These are the following specifications: OS – iOS 9, Screen Size – 7.9 inches, Screen Resolution – 2048 x 1536 
( 326ppi ), Display – LED Multi-touch, CPU 64-Bit Apple A8, Coprocessor – M8 motion, Internal Storage –  16GB/64GB/128GB,  Rear Camera –8MP Isight camera ( autofocus, f/2. Aperture, Five-element lens,  Hybrid filter, Backside illumination, Improved face detection, Exposure control, Panorama up to 43MP, Burst mode, Tap to focus, Photo geotagging, Timer mode ), Front Camera 1.2 MP (  FaceTime  f/22 aperture, 720 HD video recording, Backside illumination, Auto HDR photos and videos, Improved face detection, Burst mode, Exposure control, Timer mode ) Bluetooth 4.2,  WI-FI802.11 a/b/g/n/ac; dual channel ( 2.4GHz and 5GHz ); HT80 with MIMO. It alco comes with an Assisted GPS and GLONASS, Sensors ( Touch ID, three axis gyroscope, Acceloremeter, Barometer, Ambient light sensor. There is a fingerprint touch ID. The height is 203.2 mm. The width is 134.8 mm. It has 1.6 mm of thickness..
   The iPad Mini 4 just looks like the iPad Mini 3.  Apple seems to not mind the design. They must have felt that there is no use to change the design. This mini iPad has sloping edges that shines. The sides  have a nice arch to it. It feels good to hold on your hands. It is slippery, so be careful when handling this machine. On the top of this mini machine you can spot on the right side a volume switch and a lock button. On the Bottom you will see speaker holes and a lightning charging port. One thing nice with this mini iPad is that you can place it inside your bag and slip it out. It is so easy to use in any place because of it’s portability.. It lacks in productivity because of it’s smaller screen and battery. Typing on it becomes a bit difficult because of it’s small because of it’s size. The 2,058 x 1,536  display on the iPad Mini 4 does not have True Tone Technology One additional feature to this mini iPad is that it is laminated. This is an improvement from the latter’s predecessor’s air gap that was in between the glass and display. You feel like you handled the pixels. It’s a nice experience. It has larger amount of gamuts  and a wider range of hues. It’s a really good looking display because the display looks real vivid. I would not use it under direct sunlight because usage becomes constrained. The iOS 9 has it’s pros and cons. It’s just a bit iffy for me. I can deal with it and it’s not much of a concern. With the OS 9’s highlight iPad’s feature, it offers a new type of multitasking and you can use the split screen feature. this means you can open two apps side by side. The apps here are much better than the one’s that are on Android. With the Night shift mode on this mini iPad, you’ll will enjoy reading on this machine, especially during night time. Both cameras take good pictures but I prefer using my smartphone when taking pictures.

      This little machine is built to perform. With it’s A8X processor and MB co-processor plus it’s 2GB of RAM gives this iPad the ability to do much better work than it’s predecessor. You can open more tabs with the iPad mini 4 than the mini 3. The iOS works spontaneously and fast. You can use it for gaming purposes and it does better at this than the iPad mini 3. Don’t expect this to do better than it’s bigger  brothers. Remember that this is in an iPad mini and not a regular iPad . You’ll surely like the iPad mini 4 for media, browsing, reading and emailing. This is a functionable iPad. The Battery will give the user 10 hours of Battery life. 

Friday, April 7, 2017

Google Pixel C

   The Google Pixel C is an impressive looking tablet that will surely attract a lot of attention. Google is really well known for it’s browser.  Google did not do any trade-offs with this tablet. This is what makes it a well-balanced tablet. If there is any improvement that Google could consider upgrading is the OS. Here are the following specifications: ( 1. ) OS – Android 6.0 Marshmallow ( 2. ) CPU -  Nvidia Tegra X1, Quad-core 1.9 GHz  ( 3. ) GPU -256 core Maxwell GPU ( 4. ) RAM – 3GB LPDDR3 ( 4. ) SSD – 32GB or 64GB ( 5.) Cameras – 2MP front and 8MP rear ( 6. ) Battery – 9243mAh: USB Type-C charging ( 7. ) Audio – Stereo Speakers ; Quad noise cancelling; microphones; 3.5mm audio out ( 8.) Connection – WI-FI 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, 2 x 2; MIMO dual-band ( 9. ) Bluetooth 44.1 + HS ( 10. ) Sensors – Ambient Light, Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Compass, Mail and Proximity ( 10. ) Keyboard – Optional Bluetooth wireless  ( 11. ) Measurements – 249 x 179 x 7 millimeters ( 12. ) Weight – 1.14 pounds. The price of this tablet is $600.00. If the user opts for a keyboard, then he or she will have to add an additional $150.00 to the price.You might find it on sale now since it has been introduced in 2015.

   The Google Pixel C as built an all metal structure. This tablet looks good, though it does not strike me as looking elegant. I personally like the way it was designed because of it’s subtle approach.  On the back anyone can spot a thin line of LEDs and it does bring out the colors of Google. This I like and it is really unique.  When the screen is working,  the google colors are lit. Give it two taps and it will tell the user, how much of battery life you have left. The power grilles can be seen on both sides of the top edges together with the power and volume buttons. The USB-C port is located on the bottom edge. The  Google Pixel C is a beautiful looking tablet. The combination of the tablet and keyboard is just perfect. The keyboard has a magnetic docking hinge that keeps the tablet in place. The keyboard has that pleasant feeling when you type on it. The Google Pixel C has a 2,560 x 1,800 display resolution and a pixel density of 308ppi. With this, the user can be assured that the text and images look superb and crisp. The color accuracy is pinpoint. This tablet has a touch screen display. You can’t do multitasking with this tablet and it’s because of the Android 6.0 Marshmallow Operating System. You can only open up one app at a time. I just hope that Google can fix this issue. The back and home onscreen buttons are located on the bottom left edge of the screen and the recents button is located on the bottom right.. the user will have to choose between a 32GB or 64GB of internal storage. There is no microSD card storage on this tablet. The 8MP camera gives the user fair enough looking pictures. The 2MP camera can be used for videos  and video calls. For selfies, I prefer using a smartphone.

  If the user wants performance, this is one of the fastest performing tablets in the market today. In the Geekbench 3 single core test it managed to score 1,347 points and on the multi-core test it was able to score 3,976 points. It is above the average.  It’s in the graphics test where the Google Pixel C stands out. On the GFXB Bench GL Manhattan onscreen test, this tablet had a score 1,744 points and on the GFXB Bench GL Manhattan test, this tablet scored 3,318 points. The scores on the Graphics test are great and this is all because of it’s GPU. The Andtoid Marshmallow 6.0 comes with Doze and this helps to extend the battery life. For normal usage, you can get 8 hours or a bit more of battery life.