Sunday, February 12, 2017

Lenovo ThinPad P40 Yoga

 The Lenovo ThinkPad P40 Yoga can easily do jobs that have to do with CAD work, very difficult graphics works and 3D Modeling.  3D Modeling is also called 3 dimensional modeling. It is the process of making a mathematical representation of any 3 dimensional surface of an object by using a special software. It could be inanimate or living. It uses a distinct Nvidia Quadro graphics.  This 14.1 inch hybrid  has so much power and that is the reason why it can use AutoCAD. It is so flexible that you can bend It 360 degrees and it becomes a tablet. The model described here is worth $2084. The entry model is priced at $1484. Engineers, animators, researchers, graphic artists and even businessmen will find this machine very useful. You can use the Lenovo ThinkPad P40 Yoga for presentations and many other things. Here are the configurations for this model: The Lenovo Thinkpad P40 Yoga has an Intel Core -17 6600U processor and a Windows 10 Pro. It’s RAM is 8GB and can be upgraded to 16GB.  The Hard Drive is 512GB SSD. It has an Nvidia Quadro M500M. The resolution is 2160 x 1440  and it has a 2GB video memory. This hybrid has a 802.11 b/g/n/ac WIFI, with an Intel Dual Band Wireless AC 8260. This model comes with a touchpad size 3.5 x 2.1 inches. It has several ports, a OneLink plus, MiniDisplay Port, HDMI, a dual purpose headphone and microphone jack, 3 USB ports, 4-1 card reader slot. The size is 13.30  x 9.3 x 0.78 inches  and it weighs 3.06 pounds.
   Like all the other Lenovo Thinkpads, the P40 has the same black color. It has the same aesthertic like most of the ThinkPads. It still does possess the red TrackPoint pointing stick on the keyboard plus the close and open status light on the logo. The lid is composed of a mixture of carbon fiber and plastic. The body’s framework is composed of plastic. The Lenovo ThinKPad P40 Yoga has 2 densed hinges that can make it twist backwards fully. It becomes a tablet and that is why it is called a 2 in 1 tablet and laptop. IT .has a lift n’ lock keyboard. The reason for this is that it keeps the keyboard from depressing when the system is not in a clamshell mode. Clamshell mode means using the laptop while keeping the lid closed.   The Lenovo ThinPad P40 Yoga was designed with a lot of strength. It passed the MIL-SPEC 810  strength test . This is a test of for shock, vibrations, humidity, and utmost temperatures. You can believe this or not but the company has said that it has survived  an 8 corner drop test, the LCD stress test, a lid / open and close test that happened 30.000 times. The Lenovo ThinPad P40 Yoga comes with a customary Intel vPro manageability and TPM encryption. These features are required by companies that have IT departments. This hybrid also comes with a fingerprint reader that is used for biometric logins.
  The Lenovo ThinPad P40 Yoga still maintains the same spill resistant keyboard. The keyboard is so pleasant to use and It still maintains the TrackPoint stick in between the G and H keys. The TrackPoint stick is so precise and you will like navigating with it. If you do feel uncomfortable with the red nub, you will surely like the touchpad because of it’s accuracy. The Lenovo ThinkPad P40 Yoga comes with a stylus called ThinkPad Pen Pro. It is a 4.5 inch pen that gives you the opportunity to sketch on the screen. You will feel effortless drawing when you are using on Windows paint. One good feature of this laptop/ tablet is that it comes with a bay that can be used for storing and charging. According to Lenovo when thjs pen is fully charged, it can give you 19 hours of usage. They say that charging can be done in just 20 seconds. The Lenovo ThinPad P40 Yoga 14 inch 2560 x 1440 touch screen gives you a clear image. It produces 105 sRGB color gamut. This is above the average of 100 percent. Using The Delta-E color test, it scored 1.1 ( 1.0  is perfect  ). This is a very good score because the lower the score, the better it is. The Lenovo ThinPad P40 Yoga .scored 260 nits in the brightness test. It is above the average of 250 nits.
 The speakers of this hybrid is located at the bottom. The sound is loud and vibrant. It is equipped wi th a Dolby Audio Software. The Lenovo ThinPad P40 Yoga does not have an Ethernet connection that many business users want and it did forego of the USB Type-C/thunderbolt 3 ports. On the right side you find the HDMI out port, 2 USB 3.0 connections,  a mini DisplayPort, a Kensington lock slot and the power up button. On the left side you will spot the SD Card reader,  the OneLink+ docking port, an audio jack  plus a 3rd  3.0 USB port. The laptop’s 720p webcam does produce clear and colorful images. With the configuration mentioned above, the Lenovo ThinPad P40 Yoga can do heavy multitasking work. On the Geekbench 3 the Lenovo ThinPad P40 Yoga scored 6740. This test measures overall processing power. This is higher than the category average of. On the spreadsheet macro test it scored 3minutes and forty two seconds, much higher than the average of six minutes and three seconds.  On the laptop file transfer test it scored 295.7 MBps in just 17 seconds. The score is above the category average of 124.4MBps. On the 3DMark Ice Storm unlimited test, the Lenovo ThinPad P40 Yoga scored 87,341. This is a test for graphics. The average score for this test is 65,946.. The Battery can last for 6 hours. The Lenovo ThinPad P40 Yoga does not overheat. This is a very good 2 in 1 hybrid that can perform a lot of tasks simultaneously.


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  1. I bought one of these recently because i do a lot of 3D work in a program called blender. My only issue with it is the overheating. When rendering a scene in blender it will be running at temperatures of 175 degrees Fahrenheit or about 80 Celsius. When rendering something for 45 minutes strait that can become an issue. Do you know whether this is normal for this machine or could there be a problem with my hardware that needs fixing? Have you tested it yourself?


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